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In Krasnoyarsk the employee of a car wash has stolen from work of 50 thousand roubles and

28 - the summer employee of one of Krasnoyarsk car washes can spend behind bars the next five years gold. He has managed to clean the safe of the of the colleague - the manager. On an evidence, the arrested person with the friend has drunk vodka and has gone to the Internet - cafe where by the way, suggested to play in virtual a casino. Having lost 500 roubles, he has decided to fill up the budget for another`s bill. Having returned for work, the man has found a key from the safe and has stolen therefrom 50 thousand roubles, and also gold ornaments.

- as the guy knew that on a car wash there is a video observation, it is more on work has not appeared, - Natalia Zaharova has told the inspector of investigatory management at the Department of Internal Affairs on the Soviet area. - And through pair - a three of days has called the victim and has asked phone of the inspector to which that has written the application, and has gone to militia. This young man, earlier already stole from the owner of the given car wash. Then it also has stolen money, gold and the goods. Him have denounced. But in November, 2006 have released conditionally - ahead of schedule. The man has asked again for work besides to the person who has gone to it on a meeting, has believed. And here is how it has paid back. And, to explain the act and could not.