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For autocratic cutting down derevem inhabitants of Tula are threatened with the penalty to 2,5 thousand roubles

From the beginning of year in Near the station and Soviet areas of Tula cases when inhabitants of Tula independently cut down young, healthy trees and when cut off branches of trees simply put them along the main roads have become frequent.

- change is made To Rules of the maintenance and protection of green fund and gardening of places of burial in Tula, - have told in Territorial administration. - its essence that the pulling down and change of trees and bushes, change of a lay-out of the planted trees and shrubs territories are possible only on the basis of the written order of the Head of administration of Tula, after advance payment of regenerative cost of green plantings.

Frequently cut off branches and the cut trees still long time continue to lie along roads, about private sector houses, than create certain inconveniences and spoil external shape of a city. And after all according to Rules of an accomplishment, cleanliness and order maintenance in territory   Tula legal and physical persons, which   delete suhostojnye, the emergency trees which have lost decorative value and cut off branches in crones, are obliged   to take out branches   from the main and basic streets, within the working day, and from streets of minor value   within days.

For an autocratic pulling down of trees, illegal warehousing and untimely export of an edging material the administrative penalty is imposed:
- on citizens at the rate to 2500 rbl.,
- on officials to 5000 rbl.,
- on legal bodies to 100 thousand rbl.