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The USA will refuse the ABM if Russia helps them to solve the Iranian nuclear problem

Three weeks ago the special courier from Washington delivered to the president of Russia the letter from Barack Obama in whom it is said that the United States are ready to refuse placing of elements of the ABM in Europe in exchange for the help of Russia in the decision of the Iranian nuclear problem.

as the New York Times newspaper writes today, such information was informed journalists by a reliable source in the government which has specified that Obama Medvedev`s letter mentions a number of serious questions, including rocket defence and its communication with the Iranian threat.

Moscow, according to the official, yet has not responded to this offer. Most likely, presidents will discuss this question at personal meeting at summit G20 which will take place in London in the beginning of April.

we Will remind that earlier States declared intention by 2013 to place ten interceptor missiles on territories of Poland and a radar in Czechia, to secure themselves against possible threat from Iran.

as the answer to similar actions of Americans the management of our country has decided to place in the Kaliningrad region rocket complexes Iskander and also to carry out radio-electronic suppression of elements of the ABM. Nevertheless, the question remains till now opened.