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Near Tula short circuit in the electric metre became a cause of the fire

All for the past days fire divisions of the Tula area of 12 times left under disturbing messages. Two of which were false.


on March, 2nd in 14. 36 from Novomoskovsk the message that the private house burns has arrived. In spite of the fact that fire profits to a scene in some minutes to rescue the prospective originator of state of emergency it was not possible. On a wooden terrace have found 33 - the summer son of masters of the house. Under the preliminary version smoking in bed became a cause of the fire.

This very day about seven evenings the disturbing message from Aleksina has arrived. P richinoj a fire became about short circuit in ustanovlenn an ohm in apartment the electric metre e . Fortunately, in time the called firemen and their operative actions have not allowed to fire to extend further a corridor.   At liquidation of the centre of kindling on a ladder march 6 persons have been deduced from an entrance.