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In Novokuznetsk the court over the nurse

has ended Using office position 57 - summer Tatyana With - va - the former senior nurse of branch of palliative treatment (hospice) 11 - oh Novokuznetsk city hospital during the period since July, 1st 2003 on September, 11th, 2007 With - va has stolen some thousand ampoules with solutions promedola, morfina, omnopona, bupranala and other narcotics for a total sum of 154 thousand 654 roubles. On the basis of medical purposes it made requirements and received in the Central point on delivery of medicines drugs for needs of patients. With - va used various ways of creation surpluses . Registered drugs less, rather than received in a warehouse, requested drugs on patients whom they were not appointed, and also - on died, before treated in branch. On court With - va plunders admitted. Has thus tried to write off all on the pity. Ostensibly drugs gave to patients whom either them did not register, or they sufficed not for a long time. However, by a recognition of colleagues, such large quantity of drugs to put down to patients of a hospice it is impossible, as they would die of overdose. Doctors have remembered and constant complaints With - howl on shortage of narcotics the patient though other nurses never informed on requirement increase. As a result the woman have denounced for 4 years. This punishment is much softer, than should be. At adjudgment the court has taken into consideration the data about the person of the defendant and a number of softening circumstances: absence of former previous convictions, positive characteristics, a fault recognition, repenting and another. The citizen has a number of letters of thanks and certificates of honour for labour activity, is awarded by a medal For belief and kindly - have explained in a press - service of investigatory committee at area Office of Public Prosecutor.