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Young tennis-players from the Samara region have won silver in command superiority of the country

In Tolyatti command superiority of Russia among sportsmen 12 - ti has come to the end years and is more younger. The national team of girls of the Samara region has achieved the big success. It has won silver medals.

the Moscow rivals have appeared more strongly owners of court. Young samachanki and toljattinki in the second round of tournament at once have lost chances on gold having conceded in all respects modular Moscow. However in opposition with the command of St.-Petersburg where the destiny of silver medals dared, on a head were stronger, having defeated with the bill 3:0. Silver medals had been awarded two Tolyatti sportswomen - Darya Kasatkin and Alija Merdeeva, and also samarchanka Anastas Chikalkina.

And here young men from Samara could not make the way in the ending, they played places from the seventh on the ninth. As a result they could achieve the seventh place, having beaten rivals from the Lipetsk region. The national team of young men of the Ulyanovsk region became the command the winner for the first time. On the second place sportsmen of the Penza region, on the third - Moscow, informs news. samara. ru.