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On a wreck place the Boeing there will be an amphitheatre and a field of candles

on March, 2nd social council session on uvekovechivaniju memories of victims of accident of the plane " has taken place; the Boeing - 737 - 500 in Perm. Here   the project, which   has been chosen; it will be realised   on a place of terrible tragedy. Relatives of victims and members of social council have come to a determination that the artist from Moscow Igor Gurovich has developed the best project. It and   recommended to the regional government.

the Monument represents a ladder in the form of an amphitheatre at which top the small field of candles is located. It is exactly so much them, how much the person was lost at liner wreck. In a memorial   names of all victims will be listed.

we Will remind, memorial opening is planned   for September, 14th, 2009.


the project Sketch.