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The Nizhnetagilsky Office of Public Prosecutor has become interested in dirty snow

the Snow comprising salts of heavy metals, will disappear from city streets. The Nizhnetagilsky nature protection public prosecutor has protested the decision the order of the mayor. The mayor of Nizhni Tagil has chosen platforms for time warehousing of snow with infringements operating nature protection and sanitary - the epidemiological legislation.

Cleaned with nizhnetagilskih streets snow dumped on spetsploshchadki in Dzerzhinsk, Tagilstroevsky and Leninsk areas. There were these sites near to apartment houses. Besides, at a choice of these sites officials have not consulted to Rospotrebnadzorom and Rostehnadzorom, and also have not prepared documents on conformity of the chosen sites to the sanitary code and rules.

Thus only for the past winter from streets of Nizhni Tagil on warehousing places have taken out over 15 thousand tons of the snow comprising salts of heavy metals and other harmful substances, thrown out by cars, the industrial enterprises, and also every possible household garbage. According to experts, the heap of such dirty snow can turn back the big ecological troubles.

- As a result the protest of the nature protection public prosecutor has been satisfied. Besides, to the mayor have brought representation with the requirement to eliminate infringement of the nature protection legislation. Now snow from streets of Nizhni Tagil is taken out on the licensed ranges of a firm household waste, - have informed in a press - service of Sverdlovsk regional Office of Public Prosecutor.