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People have filled up with stones

People stood near the car. But the driver nevertheless has opened a body board
the House on University quay, 24, looks windows at Miass. Near - the bridge through the river, the uniter of street of Work and Brothers of Kashirinyh. The place before the house has attracted to businessmen. They on - fast have cut down here trees, have cut a grass. And on Friday, on July, 13th, have brought rubble. But the road to dump-body trucks was blocked by local residents.

- Bring down directly on them, - any man has ordered.

Stones hailstones fell down on people. One woman a rubble stream has knocked down. And for certain would drive in stones to death if other picketers have not taken out it in time from - under bombardment .

- All this lawlessness has photographed on a hundred part the neighbour`s little boy, - tells eyewitness Vladimir Guzhavin. - I wanted to throw video to myself, but builders have selected at me a mobile phone. Brisk local grandmothers have defended phone. But in my address from builders threats fell down: promised to kill, if video gets to mass-media. The militia has arrived on our call quickly. Have accepted the statement at businessmen that it prevent to build, and with us have refused to speak. Having learnt about threats, have waved away supposedly anybody have not killed, means, the crime is not present.

Against parking building have subscribed more than 400 persons. They have sent collective letters to the governor and in the city mayoralty, have put in the statement in regional Office of Public Prosecutor.

Tenants do not intend to surrender, they are not seduced at all with prospect to breathe with parking gases. One year ago at them under windows already wanted to construct an underground parking. But then the territory managed to be defended. Inhabitants hope, as this time the authorities will appear on their party.

Video - here!