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To run away from a sobering-up station, cheljabinets has mined RUVD

Last night to Kurchatovsky police station has arrived « an UAZ » with the violent prisoner. The young man have brought to sobering-up station. That wandered on streets, loudly shouted, and scarecrows of passers-by. It has appeared that 33 - the summer guy anywhere did not work for a long time, quite often saws and constantly used a local sobering-up station.

Only this time the man considered itself sober, as a cucumber that is why it was terribly dissatisfied with service. To complain - that was nobody, here and has decided to teach a good lesson militia itself: has asked at the person on duty for a toilet, and directly from a booth by a mobile phone has called... The Ministry of Emergency Measures. A pier, in building RUVD the terrible bomb, and it here - here rvanet is put. Probably, on the quiet planned to escape home...

The joker has not considered one: all calls (and especially with threat for employees of special services!) are checked even before departure of sappers. Experts quickly « have punched » that the call has reached directly from police station walls. And the saboteur have there and then calculated.

Now the joker - to the loser instead of one night should spend in police station much more time. On 207 - j to criminal code article (« obviously the untrue report on the terrorism certificate ») it is threatened with the penalty at the rate to 200 000 roubles, or prison with the conclusion till three years.