Rus News Journal

The inhabitant of Chelyabinsk of 12 hours has spent on the building crane

- Come more likely! On the very tall building crane the girl hangs! - such heart-breaking call was distributed in a rescue urban service exactly at midnight. - she here - here will jump off!
rescuers have rushed off to the specified address. Long it was not necessary to search for the ill-starred crane:
- I want to die! - the girl shouted at all street.
on help to rescuers police officers have approached also. All night long men tried to persuade the girl slezt from the crane. But all uselessly. Half-nights it went on an arrow, and then, the charter, villages on iron designs of the crane.
- I will be dumped! - she when somebody tried to approach to her warned.
there has come morning, but cheljabinka did not leave thoughts on suicide. The reason has appeared banal: physicians wanted to put the girl in hospital on inspection. But as she considered herself absolutely healthy - has decided to prove thus to doctors that they are wrong.
eventually, rescuers have decided to go on cunning. Two have changed clothes in clothes of builders and have got on the crane.
the idea was that: one climbs through by the girl and distracts it. Another helps to seize the suicide.
when the guy in the building form, passing the girl, whistled a cheerful song, that has suspected nothing.
- and you where that have lost money? - With such question it has stopped near the cold woman.
- yes I do not remember, - the second has theatrically waved away.
the girl has understood all. On the sly it began to slip downwards. Children have quickly reacted and have seized the suicide. The crowd has below clapped the hands.
some more minutes were required to rescuers to remove from the building crane the become stupid townswoman. Physicians from fast have accepted the patient, have examined it and have taken away in psychiatric hospital.