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I work on confidential manufacture

On Communist Party meetings in the USSR all hurried to communism victory. Demand from the closed cities was more.
Remember a miniature of two remarkable actors of the Novel of Kartsev and Victor Ilchenko how the ordinary Soviet citizen casually gets on the closed grocery warehouse? Here to you both winter boots, and a balyk, and pyramidon … And all without restrictions! It appears, on confidential, or closed, the enterprises many our fellow citizens worked. And even got on similar secret warehouses …

We secretly collected the Letter BMP  

In « stagnant » years almost all industrial enterprises of our area worked on « oboronku ». Military department was one of the main customers for factories and factories. Was spetsuchastok and on one of the enterprises of the city, letting out to the agricultural technician. Yes at all spetsuchastok, and huge shop and design office at it. In shop worked about thousand persons, 700 engineers and technicians pored over drawings in design office. Did in that shop infantry fighting vehicles.

With brand new tehnikumovskim the diploma I have got in closed in the KB in the middle of 70 - h. To work on confidential object it seemed awfully romantic! The secret aura decked for me first routine work of the technician.

One and a half month « bodies » Shook up my modest biography, at the same time checking, a leah we judge someone from my relatives, a leah someone from them abroad has run away. The permission has then come. I have received the rate with the icon setting in 90 roubles a month. Has signed a great lot of papers about secret nondisclosure, was « not eligible to travel abroad ». However, very few people in ours - that went for a drive years on the distant countries! When acquaintances asked, where I work, responded simply: at factory.

I Have worked at the confidential enterprise two years. And with pleasure has got away. Work was painfully boring. Only I also went between engineers and shop, passed the changes brought in drawings BMP to the conveyor. Neither career growth, nor a hint on any creativity.  

Irina RAKHMANOV, Chelyabinsk.

At the time of the USSR such rich table saw only members of the CPSU who came on grocery warehouses illegally.
  the Letter

« Closed » a city - what is it?

I worked in post office 71. Very often the mess happened with parcels and the letters addressed in closed (it still named « zapretkoj ») The city of Snezhinsk. Then it was Chelyabinsk - 70. And here is how - that on mail the citizen has come: « Devonki where is 70 - I mail? » and in area there were no post offices 70 and 75 - all it were indexes of cities - « zapretok ».

Began djadechka to achieve how to get to the address with an index 70. We to it in the answer: « you there will not start up ». - « How will not start up?! At me there the friend army lives! » however we, and patriots, have not told to the citizen (« Suddenly, the spy? ») That it is the closed city!

Lyudmila BERSENEV, Chelyabinsk.

the Letter

Industrial complex « Semi-precious stone » prepared for atomic warfare

To my sonny 2 years were executed. I planned to give it to a garden that most to search for work. But in the middle of 80 - h demographic crisis was not therefore to arrange the kid in a garden was uneasy. It was necessary most to go there the nurse to attach the child.

I have found Work in a kindergarten from industrial complex « Semi-precious stone ». Was such those years. I was a member of the CPSU, I had a diploma about the higher political education - has graduated from the institute Marxism-Leninism.

On a Communist Party meeting of industrial complex I, the nurse, has been chosen by the secretary of a Communist Party organisation.

Than was engaged « Semi-precious stone »? The strategic stock of the foodstuff, capable to provide full ability to live of the person for state of emergency Here accumulated. Atomic warfare, for example.

I have seen, how on tolstennyh hooks huge beef and pork hulks hang in a cold. In the next hangar there was a warehouse of excellent Indian tea - the present, fragrant. Smoked meat delicacies, Dutch cheese heads, high-quality butter were stored.

Thank God, atomic warfare does not happen, and each product has a working life. As soon as came nearer « critical date » butter, cheese, jams or meat distributed to workers « Semi-precious stone ». We bought excellent products for very reasonable prices. So the well-known food deficiency of Soviet period has flown by me.

Tatyana SIMBIRKINA, Chelyabinsk.

the Letter

Warehouses with meal have been coded. From usual people  

In the end of 70 - h when in shops was full goljak, I left for the son zavproizvodstvom. The mother-in-law cooked in the usual worker stolovke with the simple menu. The dining room settled down in an unsightly barrack. On the eve of our first general family feast she has asked to come me to it for work with a bag.

We have passed in next « confidential » a barrack, where as the huge grocery warehouse has appeared, took place. Here where I have felt shock! Abundant of scarce products beat on imagination! I at all did not suspect that such happens on light! Batteries long loafs of smoked and boiled sausage, meat delicacies lay. A balyk, small vjalenaja a small fish to beer, cheeses of all grades, ranks of bottles of beer and wine. Pyramids of black and red caviar.

From all this mammon zavskladom has allowed to buy my mother-in-law most a little.

Later I saw time and again, how to « confidential » To warehouse continually drove uncles and aunts on black « Volgah ». And once at doors I have seen the father in a long robe. To it, probably, temporal pleasures too were lovely.

Anna ELESINA, Chelyabinsk.  

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