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Where to have a rest on the South Ural lakes

On Uvildy take with itself fire wood,

« We were from July, 6 till July, 8th on Uvildah. Approached from Kuznetsk. Coast the cleanest, sand, a pebble. Wood birch: mushrooms, wild strawberry. In lake - fish, cancers. The people have some! At least, easy have found a glade on four cars, five tents and a place for a fire, a table and other. There is it 600 roubles - for all days off. And lake the cleanest, transparent!!! »

  proctolog@mail. ru   ( www. e1. ru )

·             « last week was on Uvildah around Provincial.
For entrance from the car - 400 roubles, this year there do not sell fire wood, in wood too a pressure.
but cleanliness, wooden « offices » for need, water the cleanest, coast partially stony, partially sand, looking where you will stop. Since morning it is possible to catch a small fish from a boat. The high that there are no mosquitoes and gadflies! »

Revizor ( www. e1. ru )

·             « Addition on Uvildam. Was on July, 8th. To the people much. Called in from Provincial, money did not pay, as the coastal line under the law public property and has nobody the rights to take money. It is easy to call in through wood in a check point detour - 80 % of the people and drives ».   vanul   ( www. e1. ru )

On Argazi it is a lot of places for parking

« last year went on the Argazinsky water basin, there and it is possible to do some shooting, just passed competitions on skin diving. The people have some. If on Saturday to arrive, the place will be where to fall. The minus - far to go ». Yuli (www. e1. ru)  

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  On Turgojake - the purest water

« I at first wanted to go on a camp site « the Wave ». Has thought: on 300 roubles from the person - it is normal. But when has seen pictures (to me have sent photos with kinds), itself would pay in addition there not to live.
Offered « the Gold beach » - 2 - 3 thousand from the person a day. It is expensive.
have then found a way out: boarding house « turgojak » - 750 roubles from the person.
lake and boarding house in ten minutes of driving from Miass. Has found under indexes. On Turgojake it is a lot of bases, sanatoria. The boarding house represents something from times of the USSR - half of cases is destroyed, half has decayed. But build a lot of the new. To us have given the three-storyed brick. A shower, a toilet, a balcony, a bedroom, water hot. To spend the night night - it is simply excellent.
in territory there is a dining room. Feed so that I there to live remained. Left much, as it is impossible to eat all.

the Lake Turgojak is the purest lake which I when - or saw. Threw I will flash metres for 30, and on the way middle (i.e. Metres 15) on depth of two metres I it saw.
Water naiprozrachnejshaja. Have poured in a bucket - all the same that mineral water, only gas is not present ».

  the Author Andrey BYDANOV. ( www. nashgorod. ru )

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« Were last summer on Turgojake. Beautifully, but it is cold. Were heated than could...
on the bank of full any bases of rest (basically former pioneer camp).
Cost - on 150 - 300 roubles from the person a day. In a small house - a bed, a table, a teapot, a tile. A toilet in the street.
Have driven - have found more - less decent base of rest for 160 roubles. Washed in a bath - new! Almost « an euroclass »! Three hours, on - to mine, - 300 roubles (or hardly it is more).
Prepared. Products bought in settlement in several kilometres. On base too the little shop was (beer, chips, chocolates...) ».

the Author AS » ( www. nashgorod. ru )

  On lake Big Allaki - fishermen darkness

« On the bank of lake Big Allaki are found freakish way out of stone breeds - ostantsy. Each stone can be examined long at different illumination, turning it and etak. That it is similar to the knight, on a pyramid, on a head of a cow... From a beach stone steps leave in lake ».

kapitan Xo (www. geocaching. su)

« Reached a place on concrete road, having curtailed from line ̀36 (Chelyabinsk - Ekaterinburg). An interesting place. Vsamdelishnyj regional « Stounhedzh » but pokotsannyj (hardly the beaten. - a comment red. ). It is similar to a mount of Shihan, with its century underminings and bowls. Lake Big Allaki, most likely, the fish: fishermen darkness ».

  enno (www. geocaching. su)

« On Allakah - water super, free, but places it is necessary to occupy entrance at least on Friday, and on Karagajkule the people have more, and wood absolutely is not present, and in a heat tenek is necessary ».

Centaurus   ( www. e1. ru )

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On Choice - a medical dirt

« we Have gathered for lake with spending the night, yes not on base, and with tents. At first thought to go on Argazi, but as a result have gone on lake Choice. Never there was and at all did not hear about it. And so, we go, we go, we approach on lake and simply we go nuts: to so much people with tents in one place I yet did not see. Well not to go back? Have put tents, had a bite, has there and then passed a small rain. Then have gone to bathe. We approach to lake, we look - half of people dirty goes. And other half drags whence - that a dirt in buckets and is smeared to it. It appears, this curative lake, and a dirt there medical. At least, so speak. On the same lake there is a sanatorium « Ural Mountains » where, on - visible, smear with the same dirt, only already for money ».


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On Itkul - bad road

« that week were on Itkule, from one car for days - 200 rbl.
Fire wood: 10 poleshek - 50 roubles ». Ksuha K ( www. e1. ru )

« About Itkul and there is nothing to speak - all there were. The road, of course, beats off all desire there to go ». Author Yuli ( www. e1. ru )

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On Arakule under tent it is necessary to occupy a place on Friday

« the Second week we go on lake Arakul successively. Water the cleanest, warm, a place beautiful.
to the people it is a lot of, but tent is where to put, though all « trump » it is necessary to occupy places on Friday. Hà to lake coast - a fish factory, settlement and pair of pioneer camps. Between them there is a road which rests against a barrier. Entrance - 150 roubles from the car (it is not important, on how much days). Fire wood can be bought on a barrier or in village. It is possible nasobirat in wood, but it is very problematic ». Fire ( www. e1. ru )

  Kainkul - marshy coast

« Was about two years ago on fishing on Kainkule. Marshland, a reed, but fishing good (caught carps). Was near to village, to the people it is decent, for rest not so ». The author Revizor ( www. e1. ru )