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The Office of Public Prosecutor has beaten out indications on Sychev`s business?

it is confirmed bishkilskie by officers

At the height of a sensation around Sychev`s affairs in the Chelyabinsk streets have beaten officers - tankmen. Speak, it not simply hooligan attack, namely revenge for the crippled soldier.

and in Bishkile the telegraph operator has died of a stroke. She very much took hard scandal. Has looked in the evening at release of news, at it pressure has risen, and next morning there were no any more

Yesterday we have gone in Bishkil: after the statement of commander-in-chief Maslov that did not beat Sychev, officers have become cheerful. Speak, they had a hope.

- after to Sychev have amputated feet, in Bishkil have rushed off one commission for another, - they remember these one and a half month of a nightmare. - at first said that in New year Sychev have adhered to chairs and forced 4 hours. Therefore to uniform the soldier undressed all and looked out for traces of a beating and sexual mockeries. At anybody even an inveterate bruise have not found!

have told to us and as took accused Sivjakova.

- At you srochnik Serikov or Simakov is?

- is not present, - checking lists, the commander of a battalion responded. - here Sivjakov is, the sergeant.

- it urgently on interrogation it is necessary to us!

Public prosecutor`s then went to resuscitation to Sychev, as for work: they have hardly caught a name of the torturer: the soldier could not speak from - for respiratory tubes in a throat.

inspectors of more than two months made investigatory experiments. Tell-tales interrogated several times! Happened, and with predilection:

- At me is explanatory from soldiers, they had bruises after interrogations in Office of Public Prosecutor. And one beat in the presence of our officer! - the former commander of a battalion Andrey Shijan speaks.

- At us at one private soldier the foot has swelled up. - soldiers remember bishkilskie. - when it began to examine, have noticed hardly above a knee a string Began to ask - who has taught? He has specified in Sychev. They together in Kopeisk ministered on induction station.

to ask the private soldier, a leah truth it, now is impossible. It was taken away by employees of Office of Public Prosecutor and have translated in one of divisions of the Chelyabinsk garrison.

the Office of Public Prosecutor hides witnesses

During hearings antiquated affairs in Chelyabinsk garrison court the Office of Public Prosecutor hid victims pervogodkov from journalists in the offices. That have not stirred up the superfluous.

and the most important witnesses who saw New Year`s dismantlings with Sychev, have so reliably hidden, what even hearings about loss have gone.

- they from the very first days consequences have passed under supervision of military Office of Public Prosecutor, - have told to us in a battalion. - we them also did not see since then. Officially they are registered on business trip.

- at us nobody where was not lost, - have mentioned in Office of Public Prosecutor. - but where they and as their surnames - we will not tell. Secrecy of the investigation.

Why Sychev tells nothing?

the Sergeant of tank school Ivan Chernyh blow of a heavy army boot has broken a nose to private soldier Maxim Trubinu. When in hospital to it the investigator has come, that tried to plead: Went in discharge, has fought . And only when skilled sledak it was not bought on lies, he admitted - has beaten in barracks the grandfather .

it is a shame to Soldier to complain that otmetelili or old-timers humiliated. And it is not accepted.

- Why you did not resist, when you were beaten by Lesha Shashko? - We asked in a judicial break of recruit Juru of Kirov. - it you almost on a head more low.

- so, it after all ministers for a long time! - the tell-tale did not understand our question. - it is necessary so.

Affairs on dedovshchine in tank school and in Bishkile on a broader scale have emerged thanks to Sychev`s business. The whole brigade of military Office of Public Prosecutor interrogated tell-tales. They hardly would tell about it. And even after removal of sentences in every possible way screened the offenders:

- So - that Leha the normal guy, simply he has drunk, and has started to show off, - private soldier Jura told Kirov about the one who forced it to be wrung out at night.

here and Andrey Sychev too, most likely, so thinks. And as his mother Galina Pavlovna told, even in the childhood he never complained of the offenders.

by the way

Tank all - taki will disband.

Recently in school have received a paper from the Ministry of Defence. There military HIGH SCHOOLS which will be disbanded are specified. The last in the list appears - Chelyabinsk tank. A paper was it is signed still on February, 6th.

figure of day

5 courts

over grandfathers Tank school have considered in Chelyabinsk garrison military court in February.

business of private soldier Vasileva confirms that in Bishkile recruits put in position polupriseda. Victim Romana Bykova thus punched a forehead.