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Has lighted up, having slipped on a dry grass

Report GU the Ministry of Emergency Measures 17 May, 2006

For the past days in area there were 16 fires, five of them in Chelyabinsk. The damage from fire has roughly made about 250 thousand roubles. Four persons were lost. The reason one - imprudence at smoking in a drunken state.
13 fires have occurred from - for casual handling of fire, 12 times burnt habitation, twice - vehicles.

In area woods for days there were 12 fires on the area of 34,4 hectares. Most (on the area of 21,5 hectares) extinguished a burnout in Katav - the Ivanovo timber enterprise. All forest fires are extinguished.

16. 05. 06. In Emanzhelinske at a fire the elderly man has got burns of 60 % of a body. It has arrived on a visit to the daughter and while owners were on work, has decided to put things in order in a kitchen garden. Faster to cope with a problem, the man has decided to set fire to a dry grass. Having slipped, it has fallen in fire, and itself to rise a smog not any more. The neighbours who have seen feebleness of the elderly person to the aid have come. They have called firemen and first aid . The man with heavy burns of a body have taken away in city hospital. Now it is in resuscitation, probably, today it will translate in the Chelyabinsk burn centre.

on May, 16th, 2006 in 4. 28 call on 01 has arrived from street Lake settlement Misjash of Chebarkulsky area - the private house burnt. The pensioner lived in the house 1948 The day before at it on a visit there was a nephew 1962, recently released of jails, and a jobless roommate 1947 They have well drunk, smoked much.
imprudence at smoking became a cause of the fire. Notice in time kindling the mistress could not, as it was drunk. The fire has begun on a house verandah where there was a Trinity. The flame was seen by neighbours, they and have called firemen.
19 persons and 6 units of technics have been involved In liquidation CHS. On a fire both visitors and the mistress of the house were lost. They have poisoned with products of burning and have scorched.
the damage from a fire has made 10 thousand roubles.