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In what restaurant it is possible to take the child

As it would be desirable to get out after labour week where - nibud is tasty to attempt - in cafe or restaurant. But for many it is a problem: there is nobody to leave the child.

Today « publishes the list of the Chelyabinsk institutions where it is possible to go with the kid.    

the Institution
the Address, phone
That is for children
Krk « the Megacity » (restaurants: Sambuka,
« Ηΰιφεff » « Vinyl - cafe »
a coffee house, Japanese restaurant, summer restaurant and many other entertainments)
Sverdlovsk avenue, 51ΰ.
Ph. 247 - 45 - 45
(from 2 till 6 years) you can leave the Child in mini - a kindergarten « Alisa in the Country of Miracles ». It will be looked after by the tutor. Cost in everyday life - 50 roubles + 25 roubles to the tutor (for 30 minutes); in target and feasts - 60 roubles + 35 roubles to the tutor (for 30 minutes).
Together with the tutor the child can visit attractions (a labyrinth and a trampoline: in everyday life - 60 roubles, during week-end - 70 roubles).
City cafe « Varnishes the Smile »
Lenin`s Avenue, 77.
Ph. 265 - 55 - 66
For kiddies the small room with dolls, cubes, machines and pencils is equipped. All drawings are then hung out on a wall.
For children feasts with prizes and gifts are constantly arranged.
Restaurant « Titanic - 2000 »
Street Timirjazeva, 30.
ph. 266 - 05 - 07
On Sundays at restaurant offer the children`s menu. For kids prepare special supchiki and unusual desserts.
Restaurant « Lja busheri »
Sverdlovsk avenue, 31.
Ph.   791 - 96 - 11
Daily to children offer the special menu (a small fish, a chicken and meat prepare and spread on a plateau on - special). For kids separate small little tables and stools are provided. For now parents have dinner, waiters bring it pencils and a colouring.
Restaurant « the Lamp shade »
Street Ordzhonikidze, 43.
ph. 263 - 02 - 73
every day there is a children`s menu: all the portion long the small. However, separate tables for kids are not present, they sit together with parents.
Summer restaurant La ρucaracha
Lenin`s Avenue, 35.
Ph. 230 - 12 - 19
In the street there is a children`s playground with a swing, hills, a sandbox and tent. It is possible to observe of kids in a window. Besides, to children give out balls, pencils, a colour paper.
It is possible to reserve dishes from the children`s menu.
Restaurant « Markshtadt »
Charles Marx`s Street, 131.
Ph. 247 - 53 - 53
There is a children`s room with a labyrinth, a swing, a board for drawing. Feasts for kids are constantly had. The price for an input - 50 roubles from the person. It is possible to rent all room (500 roubles in an hour).
Restaurant « Lusi »
Street Ordzhonikidze, 58ΰ.
Bodies . 263 - 66 - 57
Near a summer hall there is a children`s playground with hills and a fountain in which sturgeons and &hellip float; water-melons. Children simply adore this place. At the restaurant - an aquarium near which also kids always crowd. From children`s delicacies - ljulja - kebab and about 20 kinds of ice-cream.
Broadcasting Company « Hills »
Street Artillery,
On the second floor of a complex is « Crazy park »: the dancing automatic machine, a virtual roller coaster, autodrome, the railway, shooters and children`s cafe with delicacies. To send the child to have a good time, it is necessary to buy a plastic card for 20 roubles and to put on it money. The child himself pays each attraction by means of a card.
Cafe « Fridej »
Street Tsvillinga, 38.
ph. 265 - 92 - 36
For children there are hills and small houses. And every Saturday and Sunday, from 14 o`clock till 15 o`clock, kids the clown free of charge entertains: arranges competitions and distributes chupa - chupsy.
the Tavern « Fur-trees - sticks »
Street of Enthusiasts, 11;
Commune street, 81.
Ph. 232 - 19 - 22
There is a children`s menu. If you reserve it, to the child give a balloon and bring to collect puzzles with smesharikami. Every month - the new hero.
Restaurant Bank ” a
Street of the Sleepyhead of the Curve, 69ΰ.
Ph. 262 - 88 - 55
There is a children`s menu. To each child - ice-cream « Santa Claus » in a gift.
Restaurant « Sicily »
Street Timirjazeva, 28.
ph. 263 - 15 - 54
the children`s playground with a swing and toys Works. With kids can sit and the nurse (80 roubles in an hour).
Opinion of the doctor
do not take to the child French fries and fat broths
- At restaurants often submit very much a spicy food, - Vadim tells Chelyabinsk children`s gastroenterolog FELLOW COUNTRYMEN . - of course, it is not necessary to give to Its children. It is impossible to buy to kids and shish kebabs which soaked in vinegar. Such meal calls failure in pancreas work.
it became fashionable to eat various Korean salads and appetizers. For at whom a gastritis, they are counter-indicative - call an aggravation. It is impossible to give to children fat rich broths are a direct way to a diarrhoeia. Also it is not recommended to buy to kids everything that is fried in a butter considerable quantity: French fries, beljashi, chips.
And here jellied and boiled dishes (language, a small fish) - please. An ideal garnish - a cauliflower, a stewed or boiled potato. Also it is good to take to children sour-milk products, cocktails, juice, mousses. If in a dish there is a cinnamon or a carnation - for digestion is simply remarkable.