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Kindergartens need to be taken away from tenants

In Chelyabinsk turns in a garden wait for thousand kids …
« the New garden costs 65 million roubles » - the material with such name left yesterday in «» within the limits of our action « we Will return gardens to children! » the opinion in it was voiced by Elena Fedorovna, the teacher with the forty-year experience. She has suggested to expand groups, and for this purpose to use unoccupied premises, for example offices for drawing.

- It agree with Elena Fedorovnoj, - Andrey KOSILOV speaks . - the Part of problems can be solved, using all available reserves. In 1998 the governor has published the decision about destiny of kindergartens. In the first point of the document it was said what to close preschool centres it is forbidden. And if does not suffice children and the premise should be reorientated to give it it is possible only in time using with the subsequent return at the first necessity. And today this necessity is obvious to all.

- Tutors complain of low salaries …

- It is necessary to increase napolnjaemost groups and at the expense of it to lift the salary. There are groups, in which on 10 - 15 children. From the point of view of education it is good. But workers of gardens say that are ready to look after and a considerable quantity of children. For this purpose it is necessary to make the decision on the fixed surcharge similar to the extra charge for a class management within the limits of the national project. Much here depends on the initiative of municipalities, because the maintenance and development of preschool centres   exclusively their competence.

- Speak, many buildings of kindergartens are occupied by federal structures. And they do not give them …

- Certainly, similar premises should release tax inspections, services of court enforcement officers and so on. But in times there are more than examples when such buildings occupy municipal authorities - sotszashchity, education, public health services. And in Chelyabinsk why - that have started to move first of all not officials, and kiddies as it was with the Center of children`s creativity of Kurchatovsky area.

In many cities and areas process of restoration of kindergartens goes faster, than in Chelyabinsk: last year on area have recreated almost eight thousand places, in it it is planned twenty more thousand. The governor has allocated billion roubles for it. Such support to municipalities still never rendered.

On each created place for the child we offer heads of 40 thousand roubles. This money will suffice both on furniture, and on toys, and on repair. Does not suffice? Let the mayor and municipality add money from the local budget.

From the allocated billion remains 200 million more on maintenance of already working gardens and maintenance with free places 15   thousand children from needy families.

- There is an opinion that it is better to build new gardens, than to be spent for restoration of the old...

- If we will resolve cities and areas to direct this money for new building the problem of deficiency of places will be stretched for decades. Consider: one kindergarten costs 60 million. We divide this sum into average quantity of children - 250. It turns out, the place for one child will cost 240 thousand rubles!  

Some city officials like to talk about federal money for new gardens. But after all it is clear that the Federation will not give means in that quantity what is required. In Chelyabinsk on turn costs 18   thousand children. We will divide on 250. It turns out, it is necessary to construct 72 preschool centres. We multiply on 60 million. You think, the next year - two someone will give to us of 4 billion 320 million?!

Than to wait for this money, the ten is better to repair operatively the gardens closed on major repairs, which in Chelyabinsk almost. And at the same time to undertake not completed and thrown buildings, which list was made by your readers (see «» from July, 4th. - a comment red. ).

Why, for example, not to use the ground floors of typical schools for preparatory groups? In many villages of area more than hundreds preschool centres work by a principle school - a garden. In this direction can develop and a city.


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on July, 27th in a press - the centre Chelyabinsk « will take place « a round table » on a subject of shortage of kindergartens. On it the opinion on a problem will be voiced also by employees of city administration. We invite to take part in conversation managing kindergartens, tutors and parents. We wait for your application forms for participation on bodies. (351 264 - 26 - 44.