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Armies of the countries SHOS will gather for the first time

Five years ago the first doctrines SHOS (the Shanghai organisation of cooperation into which enter Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan) have taken place. Then skills of fight against terrorism were fulfilled by only two countries - Kirghizia and China. The next years armies of other countries SHOS joined them.

That such SHOS? For maintenance of peace and stable development of the countries of the Asian region the Shanghai organisation of cooperation also has been created. Between six states political dialogue, trading - economic partnership is adjusted. Organisation official languages - Russian and Chinese.

One of obligatory elements of interaction - joint antiterrorist doctrines. And in the Chelyabinsk area on range 34 - j a motor-shooting division of Privolzhsko - the Ural military district armies of all six states SHOS will gather for the first time. August special action named « Peace mission - 2007 ».

  the Total of the military men recalled to our area, will pass for 5 thousand persons. The first persons of the states will observe of a course of doctrines with specially equipped VIP - tribunes.

Equipment uchebno - a training complex the governor of the Chelyabinsk area   Peter Sumin and commander Privolzhsko - the Ural military district general Vladimir Boldyrev remained are happy. Here military men have training fire preparation, study in driving of combat material and performance of regular problems.

On range are already constructed field camp for armies and parks for combat material. In camp there are food points, shower booths and lavers. For foreign military men have established stands with an explanation in a native language.

every day on range there arrives military technology. Planes and helicopters also will be involved in maneuvers.