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CHeljabinets has taken out from burning apartment of a four.

On this peak of Hamid pulled out people.

  - I only have arrived from change and sat in the car, smoked, - our hero remembers happened.

to It thirty two years. Call Hamid Abidzhanov. To Chelyabinsk has arrived from Kirghizia (has issued as it is necessary, documents and villages for a fixed-route taxi wheel).

- Suddenly I hear shouts of children, - the guest worker remembers. - has looked out of the car: the window on the second floor smokes …

Hamid without deliberating has jerked in an entrance. Began to call and knock to neighbours. Nobody opened. pogoreltsev it was impossible to touch a door - the iron covering was heated to a limit, from within brought down a black smoke. Has listened to sounds on that party - silence. The driver has rushed to street, has got on a stomatology peak that on the ground floor.

- When I have stolen up to windows, there already there was any guy, the passer-by, and too tried to break out lattices.

Hamid was surprised, when has learnt that firemen have considered its act heroic.

They have together got down to business. Hamid says that as soon as has presented children who can burn down alive, at once became Schwarzenegger: Metal rods broke, as dry branches. When iron has given in, Hamid has fearlessly dived into a black hole of a window. Shouts reaching therefrom by that moment already have calmed down.

Heroic the neighbour has pulled out the elderly mistress of apartment, her son and two small grandsons (one hardly has more than year, to another - two).   the Flame has blocked an exit through a vestibule. It was necessary to pull out all on a ground floor peak. Family and them vyzvolitel waited for firemen on a saving islet. At this time fire already has almost gobbled up all apartment. Firemen about an hour tamed a flame, without having allowed to take hold of it of the next dwellings.

Here, through road, fortunately, the burn centre. There got poisoned by fumes children on hands were carried by the neigbours who have appeared in time to the aid. The senior now in resuscitation. Younger have already written out, mum has taken away it home.

  - We will write the petition on our hero, - the inspector of a fire brigade of Metallurgical area Marat Gabbasov has promised, - Abidzhanova will recommend for a decoration « For courage on a fire ».

However, find the modest rescuer brandmejstery could only by means of the journalist «» (it has left to us the phone number): Hamid was on work two changes successively.  

P. S. The Cause of the fire is not clear yet. But, most likely, business in the usual not extinguished cigarette.