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CHeljabinets has legal proceedings with bank for percent on the credit

- Well and what advertising zamanuhi banks have sent to me this time?
Two years ago Paul Turov took the consumer credit in one of the most accessible banks. Has safely paid off with a debt, and then has by mail received a credit card as the reliable client. In the enclosed letter the bank offered without delays and gathering of documents again to borrow at them money on a map. Dear lady from bank has informed that the credit is given under 29 % annual, to sign the contract and to bring inquiries on the salary completely not necessarily. It is enough to activate a map by phone - and the bank will send PIN - a code.  

have intentionally tired out in debts

- Money was necessary, - Paul speaks. - I activated a card on 40   thousand roubles and every month began to bring 1600 roubles. This sum to me by phone named the representative of bank. And in nine months suddenly I receive the notification message about delay. It was found out that on me the outstanding sum of 40 thousand   hangs; 250 roubles, nesmotrja that I have already given that 16   thousand. Has started to learn, percent whence undertook. It has appeared that the bank without my permission monthly totals 1,9 % for conducting the loan bill plus covers with 3,6 % at a time for removal of money. Here bankers have added 12 % for the insurance (though it is a value added service, and a leah is necessary it to me - nobody has taken an interest) and penalties for delay. According to the most conservative estimates latent extra charges have made about 60 percent. I have got to servitude: All this time gave only a fine, and the debt did not return. I think that this scheme to me have organised intentionally, have waited, while the debt will collect.  

Scope - as at « MMM »

But to follow the tastes of bank - the deceiver Paul did not gather. He and has informed managers: « I will Pay on court when explain to me, percent whence undertake, and will show the contract on this category of credit ». Workers of security service of bank began to prevail against the truth lover by phone, promising terrible penalties, up to physical violence. And threats went from a cellular telephone, and here reserved formal notices - with city as they register.

Paul Turov collects stories of the banks which have suffered from crushing terms from all country.
- I have started to collect the information on bank, - Paul speaks. - has thrown a call on the Internet, has asked to respond all victims. From all corners of the country the same deceived clients have started to write to me. Then has made experiment: three times were dialled by phone number of a hot line of bank with a difference 10 minutes and has asked about what sum of debts. In all cases different girls named different figures. Then for the sake of interest has counted: if to take 40 thousand roubles for 9 years (it is the maximum term on bank conditions) and to bring the minimum payment on 1600 roubles the overpayment would make 173 thousand roubles! Now my lawyer prepares documents in court, and I collect signatures of adherents. To prove swindle which is thought cleverly over and works in a big way « MMM » on all to the country, very difficult.    

Rospotrebnadzor has a grudge against bank

By the way, Rospotrebnadzor has found weight of infringements in work of this bank and has now acted as the witness in the claim of other person. But in the first instance court have lost. But literally today there was a precedent: the person has seized the money and mental cruelty at bank. The court has nullified the credit contract on a map because there is no written form of the contract and accurate tariffs for the credit. So now at cheljabintsa Paul Turova there is a ready scheme of work.    

P. S. Suffered from bank hands - the swindler ask to respond to the electronic address of Paul nmas@rambler. ru     to subscribe under the statement of claim.


As still banks transgression

it is important!

How to take the credit in fair bank

1.     Serious banks always demand from the borrower the inquiry on a salary.

2.     Before signing the contract (it is obligatory point!) It is necessary to receive an information maximum. Be not afraid to torture manager and directly to ask questions on the latent commissions.

3.     Keep in mind that in the contract seldom when all percent are accurately painted. Usually in it there is only a link to other document which, as a rule, the manager cannot find at present. Do not sign the contract, will not familiarise yet with its conditions.

4.     Remember that the insurance is a value added service. It is no by the rights to include without your consent. There are banks where the insurance costs 10 - 15 % from the sum of the credit of year! If to you have included the insurance, without having asked the permission, write the complaint in Rospotrebnadzor (Chelyabinsk, street Elkina, 73. Ph. (351) 263 - 64 - 90).