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Victor Timashova have denounced for ten years.

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to Victor Timashovu of 46 years. He was born in Chelyabinsk, has there and then ended teacher training college. However the teacher of history has worked not for long - has moved in commerce. Already in 97 - the m has held fast of the deputy director « CHeljabenergo ». And in 2001 - the m became a right hand of the governor. In the government of area Timashov supervised the industrial policy and was responsible for state property. As the representative of the power was included into board of directors « CHeljabinskuglja » « Ural Automobile Plant » and « CHeljabgipromeza ». And still sat in an armchair of the vice-president of regional association of employers « PROWEIGHTS ». However, after a judicial alarm it have re-elected.

Five naive questions on Victor Timashova`s business  

1. Why on the official have got criminal case

in 2004, for orthodox Christmas, field investigators have caught red-handed the courier who has received a bribe for Victor Timashova. When have pulled for a thread, it has appeared, pobor was not the first. Under the charge version, for two years the official has grown rich on 6 million 767 thousand roubles. For this money it attached budgetary orders for geological prospecting in those firms which agreed to pay recoil. Thus the personal gain of Timashova from the good bargain at times reached 60 percent from a total cost of works!

2. For what have denounced

the Chelyabinsk regional court considered case since February, 2006. 148 witnesses are in this time interrogated.

As a result of the official have denounced for reception of bribes in especially large size (item 290 of the criminal code of Russian Federation).

3. As wanted to punish and that has turned out in practice

Charge asked to give Timashovu of 12 years of prison. However two years to it have knocked off on softening circumstances: at Victor Timashova bad health (when business has become known, the official with heart attack has fallen ill in hospital), the state awards (truth, them now have selected) and the juvenile child (the kid was born already during the investigation).

However, business was not limited to a colony. The denounced official should pay the penalty (750 thousand roubles) and to return to the state all bribes. Most likely, them take from the arrested bills of Timashova. Besides of it have deprived of all official ranks and have forbidden three years (after an exit from prison) to be on civil service. The full text of a sentence occupies 346 quires!

4. As behaved accused on court

While case was considered, nobody tried to hide the official for a lattice. From it simply took a subscription about nevyezde. All this time Victor Timashov led usual life, and instead of work (officially it is in an indefinite leave) went on judicial sessions. However yesterday him have arrested and have brought to one of the Chelyabinsk pre-trial detention centres. Probably, having a presentiment of it, Timashov has brought on sentence announcement the big sports bag with things. However, the fault the defendant and did not recognise. And its lawyer promises to appeal against sentence.

5. Who is still connected with « business about geological prospecting »

Together with were vitse - the governor on a dock helpers have got. It the chairman of committee on prirodoresursnomu to a complex Edward Vagin and the chairman of board of directors « Southern - the Ural mining company » Alexander Losev. The first left a hall « dry » its fault is not proved. And Losev has repented and has received five years conditionally (it it was the courier for ill-starred Christmas).



Who else from the South Ural officials has paid for bribes    


the Official
Of what it is accused
Eks - the head of Kartalinsky area Alexander Rekunov
It is accused of theft of 11 cars of metal and 10 motor vehicles « Volga ». In December, 1994 has received a bribe in 2,7 million roubles that has allocated to the Moscow firm the car of a scarce white tin.
In 1993, even in stay by the chief of Kartalinsky branch JUUZHD, Alexander Rekunov   has passed one co-operative society of 12 million roubles ostensibly to purchase of the goods for railwaymen.
In 1998 the Chelyabinsk regional court has sentenced it to five years of imprisonment with property confiscation, and also has deprived of its right to hold fasts on civil service.
has spent in prison about eight months, then was amnestied. Having released, Alexander Rekunov   became the deputy of regional council, and in March, 2005 - repeatedly the head of Kartalinsky area.
After a year of work of head of rural educations and mayor Kartalov have failed to trust Rekunovu. In March 2007 - go it was hung up in own garage.
Eks - the mayor of Miass Vladimir Grigoriadi
Has received a bribe in 155 thousand roubles from the businessman. Instead of Grigoriadi has authorised for operation of shop and ground area registration.
In 2004 it is sentenced to 8 years of imprisonment and the penalty at a rate of 1 million roubles.
Eks - the mayor of Snezhinsk Anatoly Oplanchuk
has illegally transferred money from the city budget to commercial structures though the sum has been directed on realisation of social and investment programs. For what has received a bribe in the form of a foreign car in cost of 25 thousand dollars. The damage caused to treasury, has exceeded 2 billion roubles.
on March, 18th, 2005 has been detained, on Oplanchuka have opened case under item 285 « Abusing powers of office » and item 290 « bribe Reception ».
Public prosecutors have asked court to appoint Oplanchuku punishment in the form of nine years of imprisonment in a corrective colony of a high security, with deprivation   the rights to occupy a post in public service and in local governments within three years, with the penalty in 750 thousand roubles and with deprivation of all state awards. It is expected that a sentence to it will take out on September, 19th, 2007.
Vitse - the governor of the Chelyabinsk area Konstantin Botchkarev
Has bought in Moscow pictures on 180 million budgetary roubles ostensibly for an ornament of new residence of the governor. But examination has proved that dorogushchie cloths - a fake.
the Summer of 2006 had been brought criminal case under item 285 « Abusing powers of office ». But person on remand Botchkarev on freedom and at a post of the first assistant to the governor under the report.
Eks - the mayor Three-mountain
Nikolay Lubenets
In 1999 - 2000, holding fast of the mayor, gave additional tax privileges to the false structures under control NK « YUKOS ». Five firms have received check in in territory Three-mountain though did not work in its territory. It has allowed « to YUKOS » not to pay taxes in federal and regional budgets. The budget Three-mountain because of the mayor has missed tax revenues more than 10 billion roubles.
In July, 2007 for excess of powers of office the court has sentenced Lubentsa to four years of imprisonment conditionally.