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Leah it is possible to plant flowers under a high-rise building window?

Here everyone cheljabinets can guide such beauty in the court yard.
In one silent Kurgan court yard scandal has inflamed. In a front garden, under a window, pensioner Sergey Nikulin has landed florets. And the court yard has become cheerful. But such arbitrariness was necessary to Sergey Makarovicha`s neigbour not to liking: a panorama block. She has complained in supervising bodies. Officials of a head have scratched and have decided:

- It is broken 26 - I article of the Ground code! The Earth in the property has not issued, and undertook to cultivate!

Now the Kurgan pensioner should or issue an earth slice on itself (naturally, not free of charge!) Or to weed everything that there has grown! How to you such?

We have decided to learn, what « liberties » the inhabitant of a high-rise building presumes to itself in a court yard.  

the Authorities have thrown a money to a court yard - to the winner

- to Put flowers round the house the law it is not forbidden! - Natalia Lukina, the leading expert of the State housing inspection on the Chelyabinsk area has assured us.

plans of houses and court yard where the red line designates so-called pridomovaja territory today are stored In everyone ZHEKe. Usually it is a ground round a building in width two - three metres from walls and a children`s playground.

cleanliness and rather on this earth are obliged to watch ZHEKi. We pay in it money for cleaning of court yard. And yard keepers for our blood should clean garbage, break beds, plant trees, flowers and even to water lawns! Tell, you personally saw the yard keeper with a watering can or a hose in hands?

Here - here. Therefore it is no wonder that our citizens try to preen feathers under a window.

For example, pensioners of the house 105 along the street Brothers of Kashirinyh have set the court yard as if a greenhouse. And nobody has thought to complain of them to operas. To the contrary! The blossoming court yard has defeated regional competition and has received from the authorities ten more thousand roubles on the further accomplishment!  

« to Gardeners » will reduce the rent?

Couple of months back the deputy of a municipal duma Alexey Sevastyanov also has at all suggested to encourage initiative tenants:

- If inhabitants will look after a court yard, the management company can make it recalculation and return a rent part.

For example, the same Sergey Nikulin dorogushchie will buy seeds for the general front garden or will put in a shop court yard, will build a hill for kids so ZHEK will return it the spent money. However, not all - to 70 percent. And more with representative ZHEKa it is necessary to make the certificate of works.

However, deputies will ponder this offer only in the autumn. While any townspeople can leave in a court yard with a shovel and a broom simply on soul call.  

Without ZHEKa trees not to plant

- However, there is one « but » - Natalia Lukina warns. - Without the knowledge of ZHEKa it is impossible to plant trees near the house. Their powerful roots can reach in due course the base and threaten security of the house. And still they can come across a cable or a pipe and to become the reason of any municipal failure.  

P . S . Examples when cheljabintsy put things in order in court yard and entrances not to consider. One has twisted at itself(himself) on a platform power saving up lamps. Another has replaced in the apartment usual frames with eurowindows, and old, but sound has rearranged in an entrance. The third on a platform at an entrance has broken a winter garden in pots. And at our neighbours in Miass the watch schedule hangs - they wash floors. Will not believe, but at entrances ideal cleanliness: nobody litters and does not write on walls!    


my Life

Here failures would happen under the schedule!

- More than two months we sit without hot water, - complains « Vladimir Djagterev, the inhabitant of the house 101 along the street Brothers of Kashirinyh.

In the same position nine more high-rise buildings on Severo - the West. The reason one - a heating main is impounded by ground waters. Under the this control « a deluge » the mayoralty already took. However, here while too do not know, when gorjachenkaja will return to houses.

- But in 9 - the m an entrance as soon as will load rains, spreads the dark blue sea, - our reader is not appeased. - Water flows down in a cellar, and into the lift will not come without rubber boots!

in the Spring at level of the second floor the drain pipe here has broken. Inhabitants have called at once the welder. However, that has not come.

- So the welder on opressovke! - have explained to us in ZHEKe. - preparation for winter Here will end - and it for livnevku undertakes.

it is good also misfortunes happened under the schedule. The electrician has left, let us assume, in holiday - all bulbs hold on like grim death, but burn. Has returned - let burst and die away. Here is how only with them to agree?    


Pismetso in an envelope

Street Lovina have grasped parkings

« the Present lawlessness is created in the street Lovina (it around theatre CHTZ). From a crossroads with street of 40 years of October and to street Bitter it was grasped by parkings.

Directly on lawns under windows of houses here pour out rubble. And then end-to-end to walls put cars. Most likely, these parking informal … Here only not all tenants are glad, when under a window where there was a front garden, someone`s car increases speed! »

Alexey Zyryanov, Chelyabinsk.  


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