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One-armed gangsters do not surrender

the State has declared war to game machines. Their quantity in Chelyabinsk was considerably reduced: from 257 points it is closed 220. Affairs on other now in court. But « igroviki » so simply do not surrender: the most dexterous have removed signboards blinking by illumination and continue the dirty deed.

- Tax specialists have imposed all points of game business with penalties, - Peter KONOREV speaks zamglavy Chelyabinsk. - the Sums - from 5 to 100 thousand roubles.

But officials recognise: profit that repeat clients « bring; one-armed gangsters » Much more penalties, even the most maximum. Compulsive gamblers have not enough points for rest, therefore the pavilions not closed still are not empty. Greedy townspeople to passion bear blood money on « a proforage » to gluttonous automatic machines.

There were automatic machines blinking and jingling by a steel and in hostel « Malachite » both on Kirovke, and near to the Komsomol area.

Compulsive gamblers with the experience say that, even after official closing of all lush points, vicious business will not die. Under an innocent signboard further dirty deeds also will be created.    

Where to complain of game machines
In the city Department of Internal Affairs the hot line on game machines is opened.
the Militia guarantees full anonymity.
Ph.: (351 267 - 79 - 80, 267 - 78 - 97.