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Cheljabinets Alexander Shapiro had control over remains of Noeva of an ark

Chelja binsky a camel on Ararat

Almost two thousand years anybody from people did not go into top of a mount Ararat where after the Flood the ship has moored Aching. But about two hundred years ago people nevertheless have risen on a sacred mount. Since then they search for ark remains in which the biblical hero has rescued mankind, taking « all kinds of people ».  

Bottom of Ararat – « a flashpoint »

When - that a mount Ararat and all these earths belonged to Armenians (in 1921 Moscow has presented their Turkey).

Now in the south - the east Turkey (Kurdistan) lives Kurds. They dream to create the own state. It is clear that it is not pleasant to Turks. That is why Kurdistan utykan military camps, is wound by a barbed wire. On roads here there go tanks and armored troop-carriers, continually there are armed people.

But last expedition on a sacred mount has forced climbers to forget about dangers – so they would like to take remains of Noeva of the Ark in hands.

- Armenians went To expedition with us, - our fellow countryman Alexander Shapiro is frank. – For them Ararat – a firm relic! They believe that the first have occupied the earth after the Deluge.  

On top have lifted a camel!

Armenians considered that they were the first who has occupied the earth after the Flood. At top of a mount they have symbolically tasted cognac Ararat.

On peak of Ararat expedition rose five days. The bottom had +30 wasps. Violence of grasses and the colours, stupefying aroma. And at top - 15 and a white armour ice lies. On the such you will pass only in cats (a metal teeth which are put on boots – a comment of Red.) !

- Almost all climbers have worried « gornjachku » - Alexander admits. – the above uphill, the becomes oxygen less. Such feeling as though the huge press presses you to the earth.

But here the treasured point is taken! Underfoot 5137 metres and three states: Armenia, Turkey and Iran.

- From delight Armenians danced, having embraced, and have symbolically tasted cognac « Ararat ». - remembers cheljabinets. – And I have developed a flag of the Chelyabinsk area with a camel.

the Legendary ship is scattered

Unfortunately, Noev an ark on the way to top has not got to travellers. Where exactly it has moored, till now it is not known. Though in different years it was noticed by many.

So Noev an ark under the version of Americans looks.

So, in 1916 the Russian pilot flying a snow-covered dome, has noticed a ship skeleton on a slope. On its searches Nikolay II   has sent expedition. Speak, its participants saw Noev an ark, have visited inside and have made a photo. But all documents were gone, when revolution has burst.

- For one hundred years of earthquake and snowfalls have changed a picture of slopes. Now to search   the legendary ark to have anew, - Alexander Shapiro is afflicted.

However, Americans consider that Ache « has moored » not to mount top, and on plateau, in 20 miles   from Ararat. Here from the earth the strange stones similar to outlines of the ship act. Our fellow countryman has glanced in small peshcherku in a side of the ship and has touched ark remains.

- Stones were scattered directly in hands! Who knows, maybe, this hardened tree! - Alexander Shapiro assumes. – And can, only volcanic ashes …

Our fellow countryman of opinion of Americans does not divide. He wants to rise to Ararat yet time, and to find that ship which when that saw the Russian pilot.    

P . S . Expedition to Ararat has been organised Moscow « the Command of adventures « Alpindustrija ».  


As to travellers to reach Ararat

by Plane: Moscow - Istanbul, then change on internal flight Istanbul – the city of Van.

From Vana by bus to area Dogubajazit. Here there is a camp « Murat - the Camping » where it is possible to employ the guide - the instructor (instructors know only English!) . Then on a minibus in village of the Eliah at bottom of Ararat. Further only on foot.  



That else interesting in Kurdistan  

1. At Ararat - the younger brother

the Big Ararat - the highest mount of Turkey (5137 above sea level). Its peak (Agri - Dagi) local residents name « a mount of travails ». For the first time in 1829 it was subdued by German professor Parrot. And that from the third attempt! Nearby to this mount Small Ararat (3896) rises. Both of them were born from volcanoes and consist of ashes and a lava.  

2. Christian church of the Sacred Cross.

It is a pearl of the Armenian architecture. In 915 - 921 years it was constructed by known architect Manuel. On internal walls citations are cut out from the Bible.  

the Church costs on island Ahtamar (lake Van). When - that the Armenian sultan here hid the beauty a daughter Tamara. But the young man ardently enamoured of the princess, came at night to it by a boat. Once the guards have extinguished fire to which the girl gave favourite signs. It floated in the dark and shouted: « Ah, Tamara! » unfortunate was lost, but memory of him lives in the island name. On Ahtamare still there is an Armenian church of the Sacred Cross. To honour a Turk, they look behind it and restore pomalenku.  

3. « the Silk way »

Through a place of Dogubajazit where there is Ararat when - that too as across Ural Mountains, there was a Silk way. In an ancient palace of Isak - the Pasha wooden bars of a terrace from which the sultan glanced at caravans of loaded camels till now were saved.

In a palace the Muslim temple was saved. It Is constructed at the time of Ottoman empire. In a court yard a small chapel with a spacious cellar. There Moslems and otmalivali sins.