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We live in capital!

So the emblem of birthday of a city looks.

Exists big cities - Moscow, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Washington, Stockholm. From a school bench we know these capitals of the states of the world. And with grief we ascertain: « And - that we live in a province … »

But, it appears, and we not a bast shity. Since 2002 our city is officially declared by capital of Southern Ural Mountains. At us in Chelyabinsk the regional government, tax and law-enforcement departments of regional scale takes place. And that each townspeople have felt capital scope of life, the future birthday of our city decided to note under the motto « My capital - Chelyabinsk! »    

on September, 13th to a city 271 year will be executed. Date not round, therefore international festival of fireworks as last year, will not be. But without salute will not manage. And on it will take away whole half an hour.

the Basic walks are planned for September, 8th and 9. Chelyabinsk will come to see « younger brothers » - cities of our area. The Chrysostom will bring an exhibition of a cold steel and will show cheljabintsam effective statement of fights on swords. Kaslintsy will surprise with pig-iron moulding. Troitsk collects in road of pupils of a children`s contact zoo - rabbits, nanny-goats, pheasants. From Ust - Katava where let out rail transport, on a city will ply musical trams.

By tradition on a square of the city the Moscow star will act. With the person were not defined yet: all demand the big fees.

the brightest actions to the City Day
the Place
on August, 25th
TSPKiO of Gagarin
the Exhibition of fruits and colours
on September, 7th
fashion Parade, the VIP - a defile
on September, 8th
the Theatre square
Celebratory procession, an extreme - show
on September, 8th
river Quay Miass
Celebratory fireworks