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At village Kichigino have found gold ancient ņāðėāōîâ*

At archeologists to a mount the Jerboa that near Kichigino, all hands did not reach. But peasants ploughed the Jerboa and in the autumn, and in the spring. The tractor with a plough will drive on a hill, the combine will walk - and barrows become more low and more low.
- still hardly - hardly and them would raze to the ground, - the director of Archaeological centre of science Sergey Botalov considers. - And would disappear “ majachki “ great cultures.
but last year excavation here all - taki has begun. Expedition of professor Alexander Tairova undertook them. Then it became clear: under a green grass burials of ancient Sarmatians - nation of brave nomads - warriors disappear.
- the capital of the Sarmatian world is near Orenburg, - Sergey Botalov notices. - about thirty Years ago there have found “ imperial “ a treasure: silver vessels, equipment of the warrior, an ornament and the figures of deer imposed with gold plates.
And on the Jerboa last year - vessels from clay, an iron dagger yes a female beads from a stone. Anybody also could not present that this summer will appear gold.

the Priestess has become angry and has sent a rain

At first on a chest of the woman buried in a barrow scientists have found gilt grivna. Then the brush of archeologists has reached a right hand of the ancient lady, from the earth the gilt bracelet and a ring has seemed. The same ornaments have appeared and on the left hand.
- probably, it was a priestess! - someone has noticed.
an ancient priestess and is preserved today by secret forces. As soon as archeologists have come across gold, over Kichigino the rain has gone. At first in half-forces, and has then watered as from a bucket.
the similar story has happened in trite year on lake Kumkul. There have opened a burial place sakskoj priestesses. Forces of the nature almost did not admit ten days scientists to a barrow - all this time again - taki poured a heavy rain.
certainly, in damnations ancient scientists any more do not believe. But, opening tombs, keep strict rules.
- on excavation of necropolises it is forbidden to swear and talk smut, - Alexander Tairov opens secrets of a good form. - To remains we too are converted delicately: “ my dear “ or “ smart guy “. Now they lie in a hole are undressed - razuty. And when - that, probably, the people thrilled from one word of a priestess.

Two and a half thousand years ago such beads did in Egypt, and carried in all territory from Black sea to Siberia. Sarmatians believed that similar drawing protects from a malefice. Today similar oberegi for schitannye it is possible to buy copecks on any r

In several metres from a priestess archeologists have found out remains of the warrior. In a sepulchral hole an iron dagger and the decayed arrows. And in heart of the soldier as scientists consider, a bronze tip of an arrow. With an enemy arrow him also have buried.

Tractors went directly on crypts

Hearing about a find in any half an hour has reached village. From Kichigino on excavation gapers were pulled.
- how much years here live, - Nina Andreeva is surprised, - and did not think at all that near by the such!
but now local tractor operators are not present - are not present and will insert into conversation:
- Happened, you will drive on this hill, and a tractor - uh! Also falls downwards - the earth under it gives!
this supervision is similar to truth. Under weight of tractors of emptiness of sepulchral holes settle.
- Perhaps, to us the good are expensive now will make? - Peasants are not appeased.
and it hardly! After excavation will end, archeologists will cover the become empty barrows with earth. On a hill the Jerboa will come into ear, as before, a high rye. And unique finds will go to Regional museum of local lore. They will fill up ours skifo - a Sarmatian collection. Then take a look at them everyone can.
- we will necessarily restore a suit of a priestess! - Sergey Botalov promises. - In a tomb have found a lot of beads by which when - that the bodice of a dress and edge of sleeves, the Indian beads from agate has been embroidered. Even it is difficult to present, what beautiful it was!

In Southern Ural Mountains there was a summer camp

Sarmatians were the free people. On one place they did not sit. For the winter they left there where Kazakhstan now lies. And hurried here, under Kichigino in the summer. Rich finds have forced scientists to draw a courageous conclusion:
- Here there was a capital of one of a province. Such summer camp.

*ņāðėāōû - nation of nomads - warriors which lived in territory from Ural Mountains to Danube in at one time with ancient Greeks and Romans. Sarmatians have thought up to dress horsemen and horses in a metal armour. They helped inhabitants of Central Asia to battle to Alexander the Great armies. And have left from history arena under an impact gunnov. As descendants of Sarmatians consider the Ossetin.

Who will manage 25 % from a treasure?
under the Russian laws, archeologists cannot apply for any share of a treasure. Even if they will bring the spouse on excavation or children - the taboo on an award extends even on relatives. And here any Vasja Pupkin who has found a pot with gold coins, can count on a quarter from a treasure. However on a mount the Jerboa we do not advise Vase even a nose to put. In - the first, gold there is not present more: it was checked up by archeologists. And - the second, for illegal plunder of monuments of archeology it is possible to obtain some years of prison easily!