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Accused of murder five years` Daniel was not in court

 destruction Daniel Radimilova has shaken Chelyabinsk. For the first time “ has written about it on May, 23rd in article “ the Kid in a court yard was killed by the drunk driver “. And on May, 29th the material " has been published; We are obliged to rescue children from drunk reckless drivers “ under responses of our readers.
Daniel`s murder is treated, how road accident. For it the murderer at the best will sit down for five years in a colony - settlement. And a year through two it can be released ahead of schedule for good behaviour. So happens in practice in similar cases.
in June in our edition employees of GAI, deputies, legal experts, journalists have gathered. Spoke about too soft legislation and have made the reference in the State Duma: it is time to change laws!
yesterday should will take place the first judicial hearing on this business. But it has ended, without having had time to begin. The accused Andrey Zyryanov have not brought on litigation. It did not leave the chamber, having referred to an indisposition.
the lawyer of mum of the lost boy George Chernjakov considers that Zyryanov`s protection intentionally drags out process.
- publications in a press and plots on television have called a public resonance, - he speaks, - Now they will wait, when journalists will exhaust and will cease to be interested in process.
Gathered in Kurchatovsky area court declared: following session will take place only in September. All have dispersed on the affairs and suddenly …
- When I have come for work, to me have called from court, have told that Zyryanov have brought from a pre-trial detention centre and session will take place, - Olga Leonidovna Nasteka, mum of the victim Daniel has informed us. - unless it is possible so to do? What, Zyryanov has suddenly recovered? Our lawyer during this moment could not be on hearings. And without it, I, of course, too have not gone …