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On lifts put alarm systems

Thieves in a city absolutely have become impudent. Are afraid of nothing. Get in liftovuju mine in broad daylight, cut off metal cables, and from a machine premise steal engines. Yes that there! From one lift have pulled out a metal covering of walls and a floor.
- to restore the elevating mechanism after visit of vandals very expensively, - experts speak. - one pendant cable without installation costs more 10 thousand roubles. And if predators even have a little taken a bite of a cable it should be changed bodily, differently it will not sustain loading. Under the new Housing code the lift is a joint property of tenants of an entrance. And to pay for repair it is necessary to them.

Signalka has saved life the mechanics
In Traktorozavodsky area have thought up how to struggle with pilferers: 550 lifts equipped with the alarm system. If someone starts to cut off a cable, to the dispatcher on the panel the signal will arrive. It will press on disturbing The button - and through pair minutes on a scene of crime there will arrive employees of private security.
by the way, the alarm system will protect not only from thieves, but also from hooligans - tyrants - will work from any sharp pushes in a lift cabin. The dispatcher there and then will include a public address system.
- recently the alarm system has saved to our mechanic life, - has told the deputy director of Open Company the Lift Rashid SADYKOV. - two drunkards have got stuck in the lift. Our worker has got out them. In an award one of guys pyrnul its splinter of a bottle. Fortunately, the protection which has appeared in time to the aid has braided gangsters, and to the poor creature - mechanics have called Fast .

Where still will put will appear
Boom of thefts from the Chelyabinsk lifts has happened in February. On Severo - the East of all for two weeks vandals have broken more than 50 lifts. After installation of the alarm system employees of protection with polichnym have seized 10 thieves. The number of thefts has decreased.
- We plan to take under protection lifts and in other areas of Chelyabinsk, and also in Magnitogorsk, the Chrysostom and Miass, - has informed the deputy chief of department of private security at the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs on the Chelyabinsk area Vladimir TRIFONOV. - Now we accept demands from liftovyh economy.
proprietors of the lift can insist on alarm system installation. But to conclude the contract on protection the management company should. To it it will manage more cheaply, and you of superfluous efforts will relieve. In Traktorozavodsky area, for example, payment for protection of 550 lifts manages liftovomu to an economy in 11 thousand roubles a month. But economy much more.

If at your lift suspicious persons rub, immediately call militia by phone 02. Call neighbours and together demand from strangers documents (at mechanics the business card always at itself).