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The Internet will help cheljabintsam to save on telecommunication

For a long time have passed those times when the computer used only as the typewriter or the calculator. Now this clever zhelezjaka can replace dozen electronic devices. Here to you and the musical centre, and even the TV! But on - to the present useful the computer is done only by the Internet (Worldnet).

Electronic mail
Pismetso in an envelope with beautiful stamps to receive, of course, it is pleasant. But, while the paper correspondence will reach the addressee, will pass day two, and even more. It is ready to argue that many cheljabintsy (especially young) at all do not know, where there is a mail box nearest to their house. And to run in each occasion on telegraph - dismiss.
it is possible to send the electronic letter directly from the house on the Internet. Press the button to Send - And in an instant your letter will reach the purpose, be it though on other end of the world! In the letter it is possible to enclose photos from the digital chamber and even a musical file.
if you leave in the Internet through a local network to send the letter it is possible almost free of charge (the majority of the Chelyabinsk providers do not take money for the sent mbytes, only for accepted).

Ah - sik - ju is a pager on a freebie
last years became very popular the Internet - pagers - icq (them name ah - sik - ju, or askoj ) . People in them communicate in a real time mode: has sent a question and has there and then received the written answer. Almost as in conversation with the real person. And with occurrence in many modern mobile phones of function icq began possible to communicate through the computer and with subscribers of networks of cellular communication.
All contact list is stored on the server in the Internet, instead of in your computer. Therefore if to you need to contact urgently from another`s computer (for example, from the Internet - cafe) anew to fill sheet of contacts it is not necessary. You will see at once all friends connected to the Network. It is necessary to know only number of the aski and the password.
it is possible to Communicate in a chat mode directly on an official site www. icq. com (click with a mouse the link icq2) or by means of the special program of the client. The most popular chats - QIP and R &Q. They can be downloaded from the Internet or to find on disks - applications to computer magazines.
By the way, in the majority of local networks of Chelyabinsk service icq absolutely free. Receive particulars on adjustment in service of technical support of the provider.

Save on SMS
to Send SMS through the Internet usually more cheaply, than from a mobile phone. Come on a site of the telephone operator and use the link Sending SMS . If to disconnect pictures in your browser (the program for display the Internet - pages) one message will cost no more than 15 - 20 copecks. Will save even more, if will use special programs (Total SMS, for example).

IP - dialogue
Sometimes would be desirable to call in other city or even the country to relatives or friends, simply to communicate, tell any news. But with our prices for phone sufficient dialogue in limits and a native city will allow itself not everyone. Telecommunication cost constantly grows unlike the prices for mbytes.
in ip - a telephony you pay only for the traffic - quantity of the accepted and sent data. If you call within your city, such communication, probably, leaves even more expensively. But at distant calls you receive economy in tens times.
for example, you have decided to call to Moscow. By usual phone such call will manage to you in 6 rbl. for a minute in the afternoon and 3,6 rbl. - in the evening. On ip - to phone of one of the Chelyabinsk companies at any time minute of conversation with Belokamennoj costs 2,7 rbl.
For rare conversations quite usual ear-phones and a microphone, connected to the computer will approach. But for convenience special telephone sets and ip - sluices for connection of your favourite house device are on sale. For such pleasure it is necessary to lay out 3 more - 4 thousand rbl.
Plus to use ip - phone as usual, it is necessary to register to itself city number (learn from the provider, a leah is at it such service). Otherwise communication will be unilateral, and you should call to the first always.

the Dictionary
the Provider - the organisation which provides to the user access to the Internet.
a local network (also name house networks) - inhabitants of one or several houses leave in the Internet on one channel. Information interchange in a local network usually not tarifitsiruetsja.
the Traffic - quantity of the passed and received information from the Network.

the Chelyabinsk providers


connection Cost - 1150 rbl. + 250 rbl. (an obligatory down payment of the traffic).

the Factorial

connection Cost - 1500 rbl. If some apartments from one entrance the price for connection shares between them (but a minimum - 500 roubles from the subscriber) are simultaneously connected.


connection Cost - 1200 rbl. If are simultaneously connected some apartments from one entrance discounts operate.