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In berestjanoj to ware milk will not turn sour

In art gallery things from use of our ancestors

have lodged Take dry churochku, a chisel and a hammer. Little by little - and from - under a thin fine edge there is a lacy bird`s plumage. On pagan representations shchepnye birdies personified slavonic god of the sun of Jarila. Lives feathery with lacy wings in the house - there will be in a family a rest, a prosperity, happiness. In Russia, in Ukraine and in Belarus umeltsy cut out easy birds, spin wonderful motley polovichki, cradles from straw, braid tuesa. And someone on turning stanochke creates the present masterpieces of a wooden sculpture - mobile toys. You will rock thin plashechki with bears - and toy hammers a miracle - smiths come on an anvil.

A la rus again in a fashion!
From all country national umeltsy bring to Moscow the works. On an opening day in sport centre Izmajlovo berestjanoj tuesok or a painted chest it is possible to buy for the reasonable price.
designers say that folklore again in a fashion. Woven polovichkami, with the embroidered cloths and painted ware cheljabintsy will equip the summer residences. Leave aluminium spoons and get from grandmother`s chests wooden spoons, tueski and baskets.
by the way, in berestjanoj and willow ware milk does not turn sour, berries long do not grow mouldy, mushrooms do not become wormy. On a haymaking and a harvest such tuesok from beresty saves ice cold spring water. The natural, non-polluting material breathes - in it its secret. Also possesses antibacterial properties.

That is at an exhibition
On an exposition the General sources it is possible to see gorodetskie shawls, zhostovskie trays, skobinskuju ceramics, wooden bogorodskuju and clay filimonovskuju a toy, tuesa, doormats.

Where to look
More than 300 exhibits muzejno - the exhibition centre Rosizo have taken place on the second floor of art gallery of a regional museum of arts (Work street, 92).
the Ticket for adults - 60 rbl., for students, pensioners, schoolboys - 30 rbl. Photographing - 50 rbl., a video shooting - 100 rbl. the Exhibition works till September, 10th.