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Kopeisk becomes a city of hypermarkets

After the Underground here there will be a huge centre Kastorama the building goods

Small Kopeisk will soon precisely entice to itself half cheljabintsev. One - apartments. Others - the goods. Here enviable rates erect quarters of new buildings at the comprehensible prices (in them with might and main buy metres inhabitants of our megacity). And still - floor spaces on which hypermarkets of the network companies of world level adjoin extend.
the trading giant " has not had time to open in Kopeisk; the Underground as the city administration has declared building of one more brendovogo company Castorama Russia hypermarket. It is the stamp of British group Kingfisher - the first in Europe and the third in the world of a network of hypermarkets of the goods for repair and at home.
British have come to our country in 2006. Today they have a hypermarket in Moscow, on two shops in Peter and Samara.
Near Kopeisk to British have allocated the ground area in four hectares (about six football grounds) almost opposite to a hypermarket the Underground . To be under construction Castorama will begin this year. And in 2008 - m of signs of the first buyers.

Near Chelyabinsk there will be a village of hypermarkets

- Near to entrance to a city, in an open country, we have taken away 90 hectares of the earth under village of hypermarkets, - the assistant to the head of Kopeisk Igor YELISEYEV speaks. - we will invite here representatives of the known world trading networks which most part concerns a so-called first ruler of hypermarkets. More impressively even, than well-known Swedish IKEA . For example, known shops of the stamp Mark and Spenser .

That sell in Kastorame
- the Jalousie, curtains, eaves
- Paints, enamels, the painting tool, glues and hermetics
- Tools (compressors, the welding equipment, desktop machine tools)
- Kitchens
- the Tile, a laminate, linoleum, a carpet, carpets
- Chandeliers, floor lamps, lamp shades, nastenno - ceiling lamps
- Water heaters, filters for water
- the Equipment for bathrooms and toilets
- Plants for a garden and the house and other goods