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Odezhnymi lightnings decorate even meal

In Chelyabinsk humanitarian institute the exhibition of fasteners

Someone has opened someone collects porcelain slonikov, - beer mugs. And here the inhabitant of Switzerland Dzhuliano Ruskoni collects odezhnye lightnings. To this hobby there is a logic explanation: this mister - the commercial director of the known company Riri which many years let out lightnings.
Ruskoni searched for rare copies worldwide: bought them in flea markets and auctions. Carefully stored slices of a fabric with a teeth in the enormous albums. Also showed them only to friends and native. In a private collection there is even a dress sewed only from lightnings.
once in conversation with the Chelyabinsk partner Dzhuliano has told about the hobby.
- and let`s arrange an exhibition? - Have offered it...
so cheljabintsy became first-ever strangers spectators of these rare exhibits. The exposition has opened in Chelyabinsk humanitarian institute.
Here it is possible to see one hundred lightnings from all over the world (a miracle - the dress, truth, has not arrived). Is among them - the present old women, which already on 100 - 150 years. For example, tolstennuju a lightning it is grey - green colour have made during the Second World War in Germany. Nearby - a lightning for a bag: an iron teeth meets in the middle in the form of the lock a key. There are also the present works of art decorated with stones.
Odezhnye of a lightning, appears, suit not only for zastegivanija and unfastening. On their basis do the collections designers. For example, the zipper can decorate ballet pointes!

P. S. The exhibition of lightnings is opened in hall CHGI (Voroshilov`s street, 12). It will last till May, 26th. An input free.

By the way
the First patent for a subject reminding a lightning, has been received in 1851. But then she resembled a subject familiar to us more few. The lightning has received the modern lines only in 1911.

the Land from lightnings...

the Comment
Elina Androsov, zavkafedry suit CHGI:

- the Lightning is much more convenient and more reliable than buttons. Now it is an accessory endures a rebirth. Before it hid, and now it even decorate elegant clothes! Lightnings do on the most thin lace, insert from them pastes. They are even on fashionable models of lingerie. The lightning price can reach several thousand dollars! Such is cost of the accessories decorated with the present pastes of Svarovski.