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Hans have given to drink spirit

It is said that during discussion of the plan of operation on a capture of capital of East Prussia Stalin has unexpectedly brought up a question on the Kenigsbergsky zoo well-known on all Europe.

- and a leah you know, companions generals and marshals, - popyhivaja a tube the leader of the commanders has asked, - that in this menagerie the biggest behemoth from all living in bondage contains? It is necessary to save by all means to it life.

as a result the initial plan should be corrected, and during storm on a zoo the parachute landing has been dumped. Almost all commandoes were lost, but remained it was possible to grasp a unique beast in an integrity and safety.

certainly, all it no more than the next historical joke. A zoo took divisions 54 - go the shooting case, and some thousand inhabitants of open-air cages and cages of this fight have not worried. The fallow deer, a donkey, a badger and the behemoth have escaped only. Last Hans carrying a nickname, and really has become famous. Having received in a body seven (!) Bullets and splinters, the giant has decided to seek safety in flight from captured by war Tirgartena . Have found to the frightened Hans`s semideath already after the termination of operations on city suburb sitting out in any stream. Delivered back in a zoo where the behemoth began to wither quickly, cruelly suffering from wounds and the received stress.

Boris Polonsky has cured an unfortunate animal voenfeldsher. Trying to put on feet of the unusual patient, it at first has tried all medicines which were at its order, but they have helped a little. And then the resourceful Soviet soldier has got a bucket of spirit which has given to drink the German . Dissolved or its Hans has in the pure state used, and remains to unknown persons. But after so specific procedure the behemoth marvellously has quickly gone on the amendment. well eats - the medical assistant in special magazine with satisfaction marked.

As well as at former owners of a city, Hans became at once the favourite of visitors of zoo which has again earned in 1947. The behemoth natural death has died and today is immortalised on an emblem of the Kaliningrad zoo.