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Putin has prompted to Sumin how to lift salaries to state employees

For this purpose the centre leaves former volume of money, and how much and to whom will pay to solve on a place

The day before yesterday at the president in Sochi governor Peter Sumin has visited.
the South Ural helmsman has put a black leather chubby folder directly on a table at which sat with the president that in a case to get the necessary document. However, during a meeting it and has not opened it. Because all figures knew by heart. And the answer to the first question has blurted out so as if it there was a house preparation.
- socially - an economic situation in dynamics, socially - political - in norm! Thanks for a meeting, it will mobilise us in many directions.

Also has told, what sees the main task of the region entrusted to it: doubling of a regional product by 2010.
- and what with habitation? - Putin has asked.
last year, the governor has informed, habitation have constructed almost on a quarter more than in before last. And in the present it will be constructed 1 million 200 thousand square metres.
it is especially powerful, the South Ural leader has informed, the individual habitation which share in area makes 52 % is under construction. And all because gasification goes well.
and still Sumin has told, as the area cares of the state employees - compensates two thirds of an initial payment, and these are 20 percent of cost of habitation. And the regional power compensates to municipal state employees of 10 percent, 10 percent - municipality. But, the governor of the president has assured, still it is necessary to increase rates of building of habitation - demand - that is.
- Srednedushevoj the income at you 6,4 thousand roubles? - The president has asked.
- is not present! - and the governor named more impressing figure: - 8,5 thousand, and in 2000 was 4 thousand.
and then the president has taken an interest in the salary of state employees:
- At you a considerable quantity of state employees which work in territorial bodies, a leah is a difference in the salary in comparison with local state employees?
- territorial receive less, - Sumin admitted.
and then the president has offered Chelyabinsk some kind of experiment which - if will pass successfully - will help to increase considerably the salary to state employees. But before it Putin has decided to specify, how the governor will concern this business.
- if in budgetary sphere to meet wishes of some heads - to leave fund of the salary and to grant the right and possibility to form states and number? - Putin has asked. (That is the president has suggested to grant together with transfer of federal functions areas the right most to define: a leah one official is necessary to it, we will tell the tax specialist, with the big salary or hundred, but with the small?) - How it will be conceived? - The president has specified.
- I think, normally, - the governor has supported, - after all it will give the chance to increase to people the salary.
on that also have left. If experiment is possible in Chelyabinsk, most likely, it will be extended to other regions. Chelyabinsk should to strike now in a dirt the person. Experiment - that all - taki presidential.