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Esesovtsy jumped out from a vault

As any large historical event, storm of Kenigsberga has acquired set of hearings, legends and attestations of eyewitnesses . It is a lot of from them has under itself quite real basis though, certainly, there are also frankly fantastic things.

to Don took twice

In due time many screens of Soviet Union, and the whole world, have bypassed shots of the front chronicle on which soldiers of taken Kenigsberg of army set up over a strong hold poverzhennogo the enemy the Red banner. The solemn certificate ostensibly took place on the main bastion of a fort Don . Which has really rendered fierce resistance during April storm of a city. On a broader scale - that persistently fought overwhelming majority of garrisons kenigsbergskih the forts surrendering only after a resolute attack. However a fort Don in the propaganda plan it was most favourable, as settled down most close to strong hold heart - to the Royal castle.

a documentary film, it is necessary to give to due its founders, has quite achieved the object. The desirable effect was available. Here only, as it became known much later, he acted in film not in the beginning of April 45 - go, and where - that one month later. In zaparke violent fighting, and then and in clear vanity right after storm, was to nobody of business before propaganda registration of fatal event. At last political workers on the top have thought suddenly and have sent in Kenigsberg film group. Documentation officers have arrived to capital of East Prussia whether last days April, whether and at all in the beginning of May. But the party task have executed excellent, having organised repeated storm a fort Don this time already with a flag raising over powerful strengthening. However, the soldiers who have unexpectedly become by actors, in May teplyn have been urged to be soared in caps with ear-flaps and overcoats. But who then took into consideration similar trifles?

indirect acknowledgement of this story the picture made at " can minister; Dony Really practically right after storm, hardly probable not on April, 9th. In this photo and really it is not observed a banner on a fort tower.

a weak place of an unapproachable fort

Under volleys of artillery the bricklaying scattered on pieces.

the System of the forts surrounding with Kenigsberg, delivered to storming Soviet armies weight of difficulties. But also here the inventive Russian people have found a way which at least partly facilitated object in view achievement - to rush into a fort and to fasten fight already directly in its territory.

According to the widespread statement, resourceful commanders of coming parts first of all searched, in which place of a fort the fresh bricklaying is appreciable. Say, fascists pretty often used for latanija the decayed walls work of the Soviet prisoners of war. And quality of their work was not to compare to the glorified good quality of Prussian architects. It spoke the realised diversion from dependent builders or their national features - a question already another. But if such site was found out, business was for sappers who stole up to it and put an explosive. In a roar of powerful explosion new affairs immediately fell, and in the formed gap the attacking directed.

some shots of the Soviet feature films about war could become the basis for occurrence of the similar version quite. To cinema-men nevertheless not always allowed to finish historical ruins, and for shootings it was necessary to resort to properties. If it executed halturno, the difference between an old and new bricklaying was easily defined even by not swept together sight.

deviation in catacombs

Well and how to ignore the most famous legend about underground Kenigsberge! In bowels of this secret city the whole hordes esesovtsev and fighters vervolfa, getting out on a surface even after the end of war ostensibly disappeared many years.

Actually, according to the majority of engineers, existence of the branched out network of subways under a city, and especially leaving for its limits, - at its finest fiction. Relatives here to a surface ground waters do construction even a small similar construction extremely labour-consuming and expensive. And time for such works from - for fast approaches of Red army at Germans was just barely enough.

other version more plausibly looks. After bombardments of a city by aircraft of allies when the next house fell, tenants hiding in its cellar frequently appeared buried under ruins. Then cellars of the next buildings have started to connect among themselves wide concrete pipes. On them civil from the filled up cellar had chance to be evacuated in the next. If the exit upward there was, of course, saved. For certain these transitions used and defending in street fights. As has given rich food for baek about catacombs.

the Soviet soldiers search for the enemy in cellars of the destroyed houses.