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I saw, how Ljash " surrendered;

Ivan Dmitrievich Tikhonov carefully stores Photos of a wartime in an album. These, at times hardly distinguishable, he very much values pictures.

- cards remains very little, - the veteran complains. - therefore now to anybody them I do not give. Memory all - taki!

Sergeant Tikhonov.

And on a regiment in a sideboard the majority of books, of course, about war. For Ivan Dmitrievicha it too some kind of a photo album. Many of about whom there is a speech in beautiful almanacs and encyclopaedias, he knew personally. And on one of illustrations even itself has found out!

- I then was the younger sergeant of investigation, - tells. - ministered in 171 - m Twice Krasnoznamennom shooting to a regiment. Fine I remember all events. The storm beginning especially. Went very much and very powerful artillery preparation. Ahead - a smoke and dust solid wall. A terrible rumble! Voices it is not audible, commanders should give commands signs. Trunks of tools are heated so that will spit - hisses.

Moved ahead on Kenigsbergu from the south. After the Royal castle capture directly in its tower also have stayed the night. That night Ivan Dmitrievich has lost one of the friends. Where - that about the lock it was distributed explosion and the guy has killed a splinter.

- then to me, the boy, it was possible to see, how commandant Kenigsberga Ljash capitulated, - the veteran remembers. - it is close us to it, of course, have not started up. But I have made out. Ljash kept adequately.

Ivan Dmitrievich seriously is fond of painting. Walls of its apartment are covered by pictures - Baltic sea, the Cathedral church, the Royal castle. And any war.

for a day has taken out 27 wounded men

Zoe Lukyanenko.
a photo: GUSEJNOV Victor

In days of war on shoulders of fragile girl Zoe Lukyanenko has laid down heavy cargo. It was sanitarkoj and took out from a battlefield of wounded men.

- I even have counted up once, - Zoe Gavrilovna speaks. - For a day has taken out 27 persons! Therefore it is more already also did not conduct such statistics. Much they were, much.

to Kenigsberga Zoe Lukyanenko has reached on foot from - under Moscow. 169 - j Krasnoznamennyj the shooting regiment came into its city from Suvorov`s present street. Then there were difficult fights at Southern station, advancement to the Royal castle.

- You go, and around the tile on houses blows up, - without constraining emotions, Zoe Gavrilovna narrates. - Wounded men took out literally from - under fire. Happens, you bear a stretcher, and behind on you the sniper beats. And wounded men were everywhere. On the earth, in cellars, in houses. Helped both to the soldiers, and the peace population.

On the river sanitarka Zoe got over by swimming, keeping for soldiers:

- Children shouted Keep, Zoe! . So I with them also have crossed.

according to Zoe Gavrilovny, today it goes across Kaliningrad with highly lifted head . Especially warm memoirs are connected with Recreation centre of seamen - then, during storm, there drank tea. And streets remind of those whom Zoe Gavrilovna knew.

- lieutenant colonel Ivannikov, for example, was remembered by very strict person, - she speaks.

the apartment in Kaliningrad to it was given only later by 30 years after war.