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Hackneyed sailors did not want to minister on Baltflote?

On Tuesday of 12 sailors - srochnikov have run away from a teaching department in Lomonosov that near Petersburg. Fugitives were converted into military Office of Public Prosecutor. Complaints on dedovshchinu have checked up and have found beating traces. Officers of the General staff participate in investigation Military - marine sea fleet. Two suspected of beatings - the sailor who has served year, and the senior sailor, which on fleet are detained one and a half year. Now they are in military Office of Public Prosecutor in Peter.

shortly 12 victims should send to Kaliningrad for service by the ships and in coastal parts. As has told in Kaliningrad the chief a press - services Baltflota Anatoly Lobsky, most likely, the reason of collective runaway not in dedovshchine. Five sailors have served on one and a half year, four - on a year, and only three have appeared in uchebke more recently. Military men clashed not for the age reasons, and interpersonal. There is a version that these twelve did not want to minister far from Petersburg, and traces of a beating used to break sending on Baltflot. It was possible to them. Now them have translated in military garrison in Kronstadt and will leave there till the end of a consequence. Probably, there will be a court.

75 sailors from the same uchebki have arrived to Kaliningrad a bit earlier. Among them - kaliningradets Ivan Menshenin. It ministered together with fugitives. Itself did not suffer affliction, but the witness of regular interpersonal quarrels happened.

Alexander ERMAKOV,

Natalia VERESHCHAK ( - Petersburg )