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Schoolboys poisoned with gas

Alarm 7 Natalia Korotkov has lifted the manager of school on duty. Before a call on change the first and second floors of a building were shrouded by caustic gas. On a chain in each class have handed over the information on incident. Evacuation reminded a scene from a film of Harry Potter during an attack of the Troll. Each teacher has deduced the pupils in a court yard where the emergency ruler with an explanation of the reason of gathering has taken place. Pepper gas calls tears and pershenie in a throat. Though it is not too dangerous, to breathe it it is not necessary.

- While the technicians washed and aired premises, children did the cleaning in school territory, - has told the deputy director on uchebno - educational work Julia Kurilova. - the Second change has sat down for school desks after full disinfecting.

most likely the aerosol was sprayed by one of pupils. The security guard from strangers in a building did not pass anybody. Similar on change to telephone terrorism Has come gas . Poll on revealing of the hooligan proceeds. The prankish will necessarily receive punishment.