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Family of fighters of the special policy group, gathered in the morning on April, 9th at the airport " has ended alarm half a year Russian & World News.

; Hrabrovo were annoyed with a drizzling rain. However fears that typically Kaliningrad weather will prevent an arrival of 24 OMON fighters, half a year drawing duty in the Chechen Republic, have not justified. Exactly in 9. 00 wheels of the liner which was carrying out a charter flight from Makhachkala, have concerned betonki take-off - a landing strip.

and more the whole hour to stirred relatives was necessary to look from afar as their sons, husbands, fathers and brothers unload otrjadnoe property. Long business trip, moreover in almost field conditions, forces all the to carry with itself . And to take away too - a sound oven - burzhujka for certain still it is useful, maybe, again in the North Caucasus. Though hardly who would like to come back there. It is still good that in capital it decided not to send militiamen from Kaliningrad For constitutional order maintenance at the other end of the world. Have replaced our fellow countrymen of the colleague with Belgorodchiny who were deployed in Kurchaloe and before.

unfortunately, even in the winter from business trip has arrived and cargo 200 . Twice annoyingly that Alexey Bulgakov was lost on December, 7th last year from - for ridiculous accidents. Now, when the consequence on this business has come to the end, it is already possible to tell details. That day OMON fighters searched so-called samovars - underground mini - neftezavodiki, which in the Chechen Republic countless multitudes. Having found out the next hole with the primitive equipment, smoothing out the chain went further, giving business to sappers. Those put an explosive, gave the admonitory command - explosion sounded. The militiamen who have left forward should take cover, wait in time hailstones of splinters and continue movement. The next prevention has found Bulgakov before a rather narrow stream. The senior sergeant has decided that will have time to jump on other coast where it was waited already by one of companions. The jump has turned out not so successful, and, not to fall in water, Alexey has tried to grasp for given a hand to it. But has reached only the sniper rifle hanging at a belt of other OMON fighter. The shot (in a weapon trunk there was a cartridge, and a safety lock whether has been lowered, whether has come off at a shake-up) was distributed - the bullet has entered into an emphasis, directly under bullet-proof vest bottom edge. Wound in a stomach has appeared deadly.

to honour of fighters, they have insisted on that the colleague who has pleased under a consequence remained in a group arrangement, instead of in a local pre-trial detention centre. Received as a result two years conditionally the guy has arrived home together with the others. But has put at all in formal punishment, and that the involuntary originator takes hard till now the happened. It is necessary to it a course of psychological rehabilitation which for certain will occupy more than 50 days of the holiday, put to OMON fighters after business trip.

the Leaflet which distributed directly in the mayoralty, impotent old men have snatched away even.