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The inspector have cut up a kitchen knife

Early in the morning on April, 27th, 2002 in centre Sovetska have found a body of the employee of Nemansky customs of Sergey Mrishchuka. Suspected of murder 28 - the summer inspector have arrested after a year with the superfluous. Business in the relation of inhabitants of Sovetska Oleg Baturintseva, Michael Leonov and Michael Lem have finished to court.

process with participation of jurymen lasted some months. On demand from Sovetska to Kaliningrad there came tens witnesses. The confused business - at first  destruction of Mrishchuka directly connected with its office activity - has poured out in a night robbery with knife application.

on the night of April, 27th Sergey Mrishchuk walked. It went from one pleasure institution to another, having left checks for some thousand roubles. It is a lot of saws - opening has established a heavy intoxication ethyl spirit.

at daybreak inhabitants of houses in the street Victories have heard desperate shouts. Someone even has noticed two shades, claps of automobile doors, has heard body falling about the earth. But - anything obvious, night was dark. Any witness did not name a surname of defendants.

the court has established that as an occasion to dismantling the debt to Mrishchuka Leonov has served. On punishment Michael has called Baturintseva and Lem. The last at the moment of murder was 18 years old. According to charge, it held for hands of Mrishchuka while Baturintsev and Leonov passed each other a knife and stuck with it into the customs officer.

Leonov and Baturintseva had problems with the law. Civil spouse Baturintseva Tatyana does not rehabilitate Sergey. But asserts that it never would began to cut the person, as a pig. On a body of Mrishchuka have found 26 koloto - rezanyh wounds. And any deadly. Mrishchuk has died from painful shock.

it indirectly confirms the version that the attacking wanted not to kill Mrishchuka, and to intimidate. Ostensibly the customs officer took 70 thousand dollars for the admission of waggons, gruzhennyh illicit cigarettes, from Sovetska to Lithuania. But the car did not pass, and money did not return.

on a body of Mrishchuka have found gold ornaments, hours, a purse with documents. On an obvious question why Leonov, and earlier trading in larceny, has not removed visors expensive things, the answer is not received. As well as on many other questions. Two jury guilty defendants did not recognise.

nevertheless, Michael Leonov have sentenced to 18 years of imprisonment. Oleg Baturintsev has received 16 years, and Lem - 14. Under the present legislation the verdict of jurymen is not subject to the appeal.