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Where there were my eyes?

that at me a problem with sight, parents have noticed when I still went to kindergarten. The aunt the doctor has diagnosed - a far-sightedness. And one eye saw for all hundred percent, and the second, a parasite lagged behind. To force a lazy eye to work, to me have written out points. The most opposite that for a healthy eye have stuck glass, and the most insulting - boys in a court yard teased me the four-eyes . Even the gold frame did not please. In school I carried points, but only in a portfolio. However, from - for the incorrect sight did not test inconveniences, and all was in norm.

study at university also has not rendered negative influence on my eyes. And here after it was necessary to refuse stoically work on the computer in the newspaper the Bonded area where, actually, the labour way of the correspondent also has begun. I repeated to the editor what fill texts the secretary can also, and the computer spoils eyes. It was It seems that near from true.

however in native it was necessary to master this terrible the computer - nabivalshchits hand-written materials in staff of edition are not present.

that sight has deteriorated, has learnt only on autocourses in the spring of 2004. For management of motor transport which was soon stolen by villains, doctors from medical board have written out the recipe on points for distances . In a word, by that moment the client already has blossomed for carrying of eyepieces. Recently again has gone on reception to the ophthalmologist. After survey the doctor has diagnosed: a healthy eye - blizoruk, and an eye a parasite sees on - former badly (though suffers affliction a far-sightedness). Without points already in any way. The doctor has calmed me:

- Every cloud has a silver lining!

My got short-sightedness as experts consider, increases with the years slightly, well korregiruetsja and practically does not demand treatment. Two times in half a year it is necessary to follow a policy of medicamentous therapy (to drip drops on doctor`s orders), it is reasonable to alternate work and rest (not to receive a computer visual syndrome KZS ) To watch over health, to accept polyvitamins, there are rich with natural vitamins and microcells products. And at last, to go in for sports. At least sometimes.


How not to lose sight in a virtual reality

  • At long work behind the computer the person blinks three times less often, than in a usual status. Therefore it is necessary to attach a piece of paper to the monitor - a reminder: Blink more often . And to blink more often.

  • each hour it is necessary to do short-term breaks. To translate a sight at the subjects located on different distances, - to hours, flowers, colleagues. Or to do one 15 - a minute break at an o`clock.

  • on doctor`s orders to apply eye drops (greasing or humidifying). It is necessary to know - the less light falls on the monitor screen, the better.

  • patches of light and reflexion of day and artificial illumination are harmful To eyes. The computer should stand so that windows have been established sideways from the monitor screen. The desk lamp should not shine in eyes, and light from it - to fall on the screen, as well as sun beams. Brightness and contrast range of the monitor should be adjusted correctly. And a suitable combination of text colours - black on white.

  • the correct organisation of a workplace, qualitative monitors, regular breaks, use of special points and coverings for ochkovyh the lenses protecting from electromagnetic radiation, gymnastics for eyes and etc. in a complex will prevent occurrence and development of a computer visual syndrome. And the eye on a place, and weariness is not present.