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It was in risk group

On Monday evening, as well as in other days, fitness - the centre the Albatross - the West in the street Security officers, 81 in Kaliningrad it was full of visitors. At 20 o`clock 50 minutes into doors of a training hall has entered 49 - summer Sergey Burenin who has registered in sports club of all 3 weeks ago - on March, 21st.

Sergey Viktorovich talked to the son whom has met in a hall before the training beginning.

- they simply spoke, and then Sergey has fallen, as knocked down, - the director has told fitness - the centre Gennady Mihajlov.

To the victim the personnel " has rushed; the Albatross . Employment have urgently stopped, visitors have asked to release a premise.

- during trainings at a hall constantly there are three personal trainers and two instructors, - Gennady Aleksandrovich continued. - Each of them is capable kvalifitsirovanno to assist.

- Reanimatsionnye of action proceeded before arrival of physicians. Employees alternately did artificial breath, heart massage. But it has not helped.

the carriage First aid has arrived in 15 minutes. But also doctors have appeared are powerless.

it was found out later that Sergey Burenin has worried one year ago. In club he was engaged in improving gymnastics, to a health service the Albatross with complaints or behind consultations he was not converted.

- we cannot trace the case record of each visitor, - the director of club has told. - though at us is both a health service, and trainers. They are interested in a state of health of our clients, advise them. Now it is necessary to strengthen control over risk group even more.