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In September cheljabintsam rest in Turkey

All vacation packages for September does not shine are already sold

Turkey from 300 dollars, Egypt - from 250! Such advertisements, seemingly, for ever have left in the past. To have a rest at foreign sea coast, cheljabintsam now it is necessary to spread a round sum.
- already now all inexpensive vacation packages for September are almost sold! - have taken aback us in local representation of tour operator Oranzh - tour . - First half of month is completely closed: both hotels, and planes are hammered under an outset.
the same picture in other travel agencies of a city:
- Earlier September really was inexpensive month, demand for rest fell, - Ekaterina, the director " speaks; Agencies on Pushkin . - Now a tendency another. People, probably, wait all the summer long for reduction of price, do not go to have a rest during the high season. Also attack firms more close by the end of August. But such Clever men it appears much - from here again great demand. And a rise in prices for vacation packages.
- It is necessary to discourage clients: now the vacation package to Turkey for two for 14 days will manage in 1500 dollars, and even it is more! - the manager of one of travel agencies speaks. - I so have become angry to Turks that is already ready to refuse this direction! The prices for hotels lift up, but service became better not! So we will reach that Turkey will cost the same as when - that elite Thailand or the Emirates. During the high season even burning tours are not present - because all is redeemed in good time. Turkey and Egypt remain some years in leaders: these countries - visa-free. To depart there it is easy.
It turns out, ourselves are guilty in dearness? If the people did not buy up tours, they would not cost so expensively? However, in all honesty, it is necessary to recognise: even after rise in prices Turkey remained the most inexpensive foreign resort. After all vacation packages in other countries too have risen in price
If money for holiday is postponed a little, juzhnouraltsam it is necessary to wait for cheaper months. Under forecasts of tour operators, Turkey will reduce the prices in October of percent on 20 - 25. At this time there still quite comprehensible weather: the sea - plus 20, air - plus 25. But sometimes there are rains.
but to Egypt, Thailand and the Emirates vacation packages since October will fine grow: the heat will fall down, the tourist season will begin. As managers of travel agencies mark, absolutely cheaply it will be possible to have a rest in first half of December (prior to the beginning of New Year`s and christmas-tide). At this time always the lowest cost of vacation packages and many burning tours.

Journalists have estimated and left: for last two - three years foreign holiday has risen in price twice!
in July, 2003 a vacation package for 2 weeks to Turkey for two, hotel 3 *, all inclusive cost 870 dollars. Now all the same - 1650 dollars.
in the end of September, 2004 the vacation package for 2 weeks to the Emirates, hotel 3 *, for two, cost 1200 dollars. Now - 2500 dollars.

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