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Black lists the Office of Public Prosecutor

" has destroyed; in Kaliningrad wrote about the conflict between head of a broadcasting company Kaliningrad Vladimir Sharonov and board of directors Kaliningradavia . Having taken offence at criticism of work of the enterprise, sounded in one of telecasts, air carriers declared the journalist the persona non grata on the flights. The chief executive of aviation enterprise Leonid Itskov was converted into the Baltic transport Office of Public Prosecutor with the requirement to make the TV man answerable at once under three articles of the Criminal code. And along with excess of powers of office of Sharons it was accused of kidnapping and illegal imprisonment!

with the surprising statement the Office of Public Prosecutor has understood quickly, unconditionally having refused criminal case excitation. The order about entering in black lists It has been recognised by contradicting Vladimir Sharonov`s constitutional law on free and unobstructed movement and subject to cancellation. Leonid Itskov, having received the corresponding protest of the public prosecutor, has sensibly decided to obey, cancel to it own decision.

Igor of NUTS