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60 years of Victory for 400 roubles

- Hallo, It is a lawlessness! I to it hardly have not filled a muzzle

the Reader have been strongly annoyed.

- my name is Igor Timofeevich, - having calmed down, has started to tell. - has come today for the mother, Grigorevoj Maria, to receive a medal 60 years of Victory . Has gone out of doors, and there the milksop costs and at each veteran asks an award to sell. Speaks, stolnichka will suffice ? At those who waved away, he impudently asked, how much it is necessary to buy vodka that a medal has given. And after all some sold. Said that money it is more necessary. To check up, how much this information is truthful, we were converted to dealers of antiques. Have asked, a leah they sell anniversary medals 60 years of Victory .

- you that?! - The seller of one of benches was indignant. - at us them never was and will not be. It is forbidden by the law.

However, it well-known, where in Kaliningrad it is possible to buy medals, orders and other military attributes - on pjatachke from Palace of culture of fishermen on Sundays. There and black kopateli hang out, both collectors, and ragmen.

- there anniversary medals already with might and main are on sale, - have told to me one of habitues of this black market. - I to myself have already bought. At once three pieces - two on an exchange will go. Roubles 300 take precisely to buy.

collectors know each other well and strangers concern with suspicion. Therefore, that there were no superfluous questions, in DKR on Sunday I have come with in advance thought up legend.

- my grandfather lives in Lithuania. The medal precisely will not reach it, and to please by May, 9th it would be desirable. -

the First dealer the antiquary to whom I was converted, has knowingly nodded.

- has late come, since morning there was one, but has sold. Now yet it is a lot of them. Here after feasts - take, I do not want.

- Why?

- So it on time is necessary to old men. Will put on, solemnly leave in May in a city, and then to us will incur. Life at them now the such.

- yes it is not so much old men, how much military registration and enlistment offices, - other seller of orders and coins has stood up for veterans. - they when all medals will hand over, surplus necessarily remains. To us also will alloy.

Being pushed on the numbers forced by German and domestic helmets, badges and other collection good, to me all - taki was possible to find the antiquary, ready to help to the Lithuanian grandfather .

- the Medal will cost 400 roubles. Next Sunday I will bring.

and At this time

Has forgotten to declare

On customs fast the Kurshsky plait at 19 - the summer citizen of Lithuania the large party " is withdrawn; historical the goods: 8 army anniversary medals, 16 metal roubles of the USSR, the Russian coins 1911 and 1927 and foreign - 1925 of release. In a road bag of the infringer employees of customs have found out still the ancient church book in a foreign language. All subjects are sent for examination for an establishment of cultural value of subjects. The citizen of Lithuania it is got has referred that did not know about declaring procedure.