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He wanted it to kill, but is not clear, why

the Incident which was taking place on March, 31st in settlement Don, gets more and more mysterious character. It is especially unusual that celebrated personalities of all participants of events, is detained suspected of commission of crime. Judging by the restored picture of incident, in the late evening (where - that at half past eleven) in apartment of the court enforcement officer of Svetlogorsk city court of Galina Elaginoj have called. The woman was at home one, Galina`s husband - the seaman and is in flight. Nevertheless the mistress was not afraid to open a door to absolutely unfamiliar man. Anyway, the suffered assured later that before was not familiar with svetlogortsem Nikolay Bondarev (the name and a surname are changed in the interests of the investigation). Recently served in army 21 - the summer guy worked on one of the enterprises in Pioneer and hardly could be crossed on service with the employee of court.

the Midnight visitor directly from a threshold has knocked to Yelagin on the head, has then put on use the knife which was at it. Rezanul a victim on a neck, has struck klinkom in a chest. But also it it seemed to the criminal a little.

- Certainly, it has intentionally dumped it from a balcony, - sweeps aside the assumption that Galina in despair could take itself such step, escaping from punishment, the public prosecutor of Svetlogorsk Alexander Trapeznikov. - On a broader scale all proofs collected by us, say that Bondarev wanted to kill the woman. Not simply tried to intimidate her, and teleologically achieved deadly exod. Therefore and criminal case is raised upon attempt at murder.

if there was below an asphalt attacking for certain would achieve the objective. But wounded has fallen to the soft earth and remained it is live. One of the neighbours has appeared the witness of a final scene, left during that moment on a balcony to smoke. He has immediately called in militia and First aid . Both agents of national security, and physicians have arrived in time. The first - so on a broader scale have come tearing along in a flash, having detained Bondarev without delay directly on an exit from an entrance. Suffered have brought to Pioneer city hospital.

in division of court enforcement officers of Svetlogorsk city district about the colleague to journalists have amicably refused to talk. The heads have simultaneously gone on leave, ordinary employees to incur so monstrous responsibility were afraid. For the clear reasons not so willingly shared the information and in local Office of Public Prosecutor.

the consequence yet has no bases to assume that attempt at Galina Yelagin is connected with its professional work. Under the authority of the police officer it was not simple affairs which could threaten with so abrupt troubles. Personal motives, like, too are not traced. Certainly, that the criminal is twice younger than a victim, in itself still about what does not speak. But there are no also certificates of off-duty relations of these people.

arrested person Nikolay Bondarev already we judge for hooliganism. At the moment of preparation of a material he flatly refused to explain motives of the act that last March evening.

Igor of NUTS.