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Together we - force!

together we - force!

it is necessary to be engaged in patriotism Education since the childhood. The pioneer both Komsomol organisations have disappeared, and two generations of teenagers have grown in itself. On what our children are nurtured today? Dear colleagues - teachers and tutors! Let people with hot hearts become your allies. They are nearby: in children`s library, in additional education establishments, among parents and, at last, among huge group of veterans of pedagogical work. Together we - force! I congratulate all on future Day of Great Victory and I wish creativity in such important and necessary work, as education of young patriots.

N.Soloveva , the veteran of pedagogical work, the honours pupil of national education, the participant of formation of the Kaliningrad region.

protect the rights

In 2004 I has bought a room in Kaliningrad. The personal account has been opened on the previous owner, and under indications of the counter with which I have been urged to replace, the debts of more 1 thousand roubles turned out. I should pay it. It is difficult to describe, what drudgeries to me should be undergone: in this time at me and light disconnected, both offended, and humiliated, and the statement refused to accept. But as a result the situation hardly, but was resolved. Therefore all I want to wish patience and not to recede, achieve, protect the rights.

Galina Ryzhov , Zelenogradsk.

and invalids - that false

Not a secret that 80 percent of invalids of 2 groups of 3 degrees of disability - false, inquiries and documents are made by the relatives working in medicine. At them free sanatorno - resort treatment, journey in transport. They receive 4 - 4,5 thousand roubles plus of 450 roubles a social package, and such, as I, at which experience of 40 years, - from 1,8 - 2,2 thousand roubles. We too want to receive as rich pensioners. It is necessary to cancel all preferential grants, to divide all pensioners depending on the work experience. Pensions will raise, and turns in polyclinics, drugstores, transport will disappear.

L.Laparova, N.Rudenko, L.Grigoriev, E.Trutko , regional pensioners. Neman, Sovetsk.

Natalia SIDOROV, the head of structure of experts 1 Federal Official bodies of the Main thing of bureau Mediko - social examination across the Kaliningrad region:

- If there are concrete facts of falsification then it is necessary to inform on them and to be converted into corresponding bodies. And procedure of an establishment of the fact of physical inability includes some stages: Since survey, drawing up of the individual program of rehabilitation and etc., finishing a definitive verdict of bureau MSE which is taken out by majority of votes of members of a commission of experts after survey of sick and detailed studying of all its medical documents.