Rus News Journal

I Want to give it freedom

Why so occurs, nobody can explain, but it is necessary to try, and then will be less errors. Strongly touches, when you do not know the reason, it is assured that it is possible to correct all, and actually it is already impossible. Perhaps because he has stopped loving, or you do not approach it, or he has fallen in love with another, it is necessary to it, and you amuse yourself hope that all will be corrected that he will understand and will return. And it not from - for inabilities to be favourite, not from - for nonsenses, simply people have not understood each other. And then days, weeks, months - difficult last, they should be overcome. Men should understand it and then it will not be sick, simple it will be easier to realise all, and not to become the enemy.

we very different, he is a sportsman, at it the interests and problems too. I live one day, me does not interest, well the male or nearly so does not interest, I live entertainments and a freebie, Saturday - favourite day of week, and Sunday I take in a bed. It stirs all to relations a little. We love each other. Once have happened, zatusovalis together, and eternal quarrels, expectations and reconcilements

We then have gone should meet, I change the schedule, I rise on Sunday, I gather for appointment, he does not conceive it seriously, sends sms: I will not be today, do not come, tomorrow I will explain, I will call . There is a deposit, nobody called him, he has got into another`s life and decides for me that I will do today, but in the life of changes does not bring. It applies for my freedom, but the leaves unshakable.

I change the life for the sake of its whims. Reaches to the point of irrationality: I wait for its call, meetings. I turn to its doll which has no opinion, the affairs, I live it. But here occurs improbable, it finds another, and I, the doll, is not so necessary to it. There is an exit - to get drunk, twirl with its friend, to open veins, but it is deadlock. Such end is not necessary to anybody. It is possible to divide simply it for two, to love and be free. Its strong character will not allow it to obey. It is necessary to give simply to it freedom, everywhere to release and forgive him, most to hang out and walk, but without changes and then he will understand that to it it is bad that I that he so long searched.

we eternally search stable relations by which we mean measured life, but so it is heavy to us to say goodbye to the freedom. We love only for ourselves and as it looks from outside not so important.

Antoninka, Kaliningrad.