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Dima has died from - for medical errors?

Dimka did not complain of health. In the childhood, as well as everything, was ill ordinary colds and a chicken pox. And when time has come to go to school, doctors on physical examination have seen at the boy hardly the increased spleen. Were registered in polyclinic. Problems with a liver have begun. In 12 years have made biopsiju. The terrifying story also has begun With it cheljabinki Galinas Kukushkinoj.

to the Boy have put a chronic hepatitis In, and then a cirrhosis. Have given physical inability. The authoritative doctor has told that the liver transplantation will help with Moscow only. Do such operation, only if the person does not have hepatitises. Having looked at Diminy analyses, capital doctors have told that the hepatitis is not present, in biopsii there was an error, and change is not necessary.

in infectious branch of the eighth hospital to Galina Jurevne have given advice: delete to the boy a spleen, all business in it. But the professor at whom the boy was treated, from operation has dissuaded. Same year Dima zatemperaturil. More low, than 37,5 column of a thermometer did not fall. Even on lessons the boy went the patient. Tried to play favourite hockey And then on all body abscesses have gone. One has come off on a kidney. After operation have sharply fallen trombotsity in blood. And the spleen has accepted already monstrous sizes. The temperature should has decreased, and began to creep still upwards. Already Dimka was on the back at home with daily 39 on Celsius. The seam has festered. Have laid down in GKB 10. Cut, have cleaned. Have explained nothing.

- the man who lay with the son in chamber, has told to the husband that heard how doctors were whispered as if Dimke have left a thread when did operation, here pus and has gone, - with tears in the face of Galina Kukushkina tells. Trombotsity that are responsible for coagulability of blood, have fallen to ten (norm - 200 - 300!) . A cut in any it did not want to be tightened. Gastroenterolog suggests to place on a liver deckman cages. Such operation costs 70 thousand roubles. Whence in an ordinary family such money? In the meantime gematolog without the accurate diagnosis appoints to the guy of a tablet prednizolon - on 13 pieces in day!

- when I have read the instruction, was terrified, - mum Dimy remembers. - They slow down growth, can call a diabetes, a muscular atrophy, a sodium delay, loss of bone weight. The son began to grow thin sharply: for some days on 13 kg. The stomach was ill. Eat could nothing. Doctors forced: Eat, Dima, and that we will insert to you katetery and we will be to fill in through them food! . On a X-ray it was necessary to go on other floor, Dimke was heavy.

- wanted to plant it in an invalid chair, but it has not sat down, - mum speaks. - it the adult guy, it was a shame to it that somebody will see.

- on July, 23rd with the son the father sat, - the woman remembers. - In the evening Dimka has whispered: the Father, call doctors, at me inside all burns down! . The X-ray has shown: the spleen has burst, urgent operation is necessary. An hour later it was found out that the spleen, and a gut (most likely, from tablets has burst not!) . Dima died away. trombotsitnaja the weight urgently was necessary.

- today Sunday, station of blood transfusion will not help us, - declared a sentence doctors. - we will wait till Monday.

- we with the father persuaded Dimu to suffer, said lies that all will be good, he will recover, all of us will go on the sea, - Galina Jurevna cries. - And the doctor directly at the son has told: Prepare, it can not live till the morning .

In resuscitation it was terrible to look at the son: thin, hands all blown up from pricks. Could not speak. Has shown eyes on a piece of paper. Hardly nakarjabal: have not sewn up .

Mother Dimy Kukushkina.

Galina Jurevna has looked at the son: from - under it on white bed-sheets blood
More boy in consciousness exuded did not come, it have cut away drugs, have created an artificial coma.
Trombotsitnuju and have not got weight. In the evening on July, 24th blood has gone from a bladder.
- your son has died at 23 o`clock, - the doctor
has told - We have asked, that a body did not open, - Galina Kukushkina speaks. - Only after all this state of emergency for hospital: do not know, of what the person has died. Have insisted on opening: a blood cancer!
Hospital analyses say that disease of blood is not present I and I do not know that was with my child. Till now I can not believe that doctors presume such errors. I am afraid to open eyes in the morning. It is terrible to think that the son is not present more. It seems that he has simply left where - nibud to have a rest and will soon return

the Comment of the lawyer
- We need to look at this situation objectively, without emotions, - the lawyer and doctor Margarita Radchenko speaks. - It is possible to understand mother who has lost the son, she is offended on doctors. But here it is necessary to understand here that: the liver and a spleen directly are connected with krovetvoreniem. People with a cirrhosis in 99 % of cases perish from an internal bleeding (more often, gullet veins as happens at Dimy). Rescue the doctor in that case hardly can, the medicine has not grown yet before. That doctors could not define the exact diagnosis - not a crime. Analyses could not show blood disease, and artful illness simply had a latent period. As well against oncology the cirrhosis can be secondary. Only opening could show precisely that was at the boy: to it have sawn a bone and took the faultless analysis.
legal prospects in this business at the woman almost zero. Hardly this case - a medical error within the jurisdiction. A problem here in other: doctors have not sat down and have not talked to the woman heart-to-heart about its loss. Have not explained that the oncology reasons while are unknown to anybody. And even at the correct diagnosis the boy would not sustain chemotherapy. And the death would come even earlier... Let Galina Jurevna will direct all energy on the second child, on the husband and will necessarily be converted to the good psychologist.

the Comment of the doctor
Managing gastroenterologicheskim branch Tatyana Kondratyev:

- Dimu I knew less than three weeks. To it 19 years were more recently executed, before it was observed in children`s hospital.
when Dima has got to us, at it, in simple terms, there was last stage of illness. To help it already it was impossible, but to tell about it loving mother very uneasy.
having studied the case record of the boy, I have begun to doubt: a leah and a cirrhosis at it? Most likely, here blood disease. Probably, if many years ago when Dime was 7 - 8 years, doctors could define precisely, than he suffers affliction, it would cure
And this year the guy could not even appoint almost any medicines - all would be to it to the detriment. We do not know till now the definitive diagnosis, over results of opening pathologists work.