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If you want to live richly, become the People`s Deputy

In the middle of March deputies of the Kaliningrad regional thought quickly have requested to yourself help. It seemed to them that - 32 persons - are obviously not enough present quantity qualitatively to carry out orders of voters. And here from following convocation of members of parliament there will be already 40 persons. In spite of the fact that half from them ostensibly will perform the work on public principles, replenishment of staff of a thought all the same will increase expenses of simple tax bearers approximately by 25 percent.

the salary

the Average pay of the deputy of the regional Duma working on a constant basis - 32 thousand roubles. Into this sum enter the icon setting and any extra charges - for qualification, a length of service, special conditions of public service and etc. Chairmen of committees and furthermore the speaker of parliament and it zamy receive more - nearby 40 - 50 thousand roubles a month.

the Right to own apartments in a German private residence in the street Kirov each deputy working on a constant basis has the Office. Except certain quantity of square metres it needs office equipment, furniture, communications mediums. And at will - the nice secretary. Unfortunately, from - for narrownesses on Kirov, 17 many deputies have one for two a waiting room where two secretaries sit. Sometimes the preroom premise should be divided to ideological opponents.


Travel privileges in public transport for deputies it is not provided, yes they in general - that are not necessary to them - people`s choices in overwhelming majority the people provided. Have sometimes not on one car. But just in case the newcomer of BMW 5 is fixed to the chairman of a regional thought - j series, and also some cars of KIA for members of parliament are easier. By the way, the annual maintenance of the car vitse - the speaker manages to the budget in 600 thousand roubles.


As civil servants of a category And people`s choices have the right to annual paid holiday for 45 calendar days. Any problems with the urged winter holidays at them does not arise, as begin so-called " in the summer; deputy vacation dividing two sessions of parliament. So, elects are automatically released from plenary sessions and can fly with a clear conscience to Hurgada.


If the deputy have chosen outside of Kaliningrad for realisation of powers to it are obliged to give office apartment with phone and all conveniences. However, some deputies, definitively and irrevocably having got into the role people`s choices, have relieved the Kaliningrad apartments of a signature stamp Office habitation . So - that it is closer to a body.


the Deputy without the assistant that the knight without oruzhenostsa. At someone from their people`s choices two, at others much more - to have time to work with the numerous population of election district. Under the law one assistant is put, and its rate makes 12 thousand roubles. You want more - split up the rate and pay extra from own pocket

a Food

Not so long ago on the ground floor of a regional thought, near to clothes, there was a small cafe. Sell rolls, coffee and chocolates. Deputies, truth, you will see there infrequently. If they in a thought, prefer to have dinner at small restaurant Rostock that is near to a parliament building. If out of its limits - in one of prestigious institutions of Kaliningrad. For example, at restaurant Valencia cafe the Dawn and so forth

the Dry rest

In the budget - 2005 for functioning of the Kaliningrad regional thought is provided to allocate 62 million 730 thousand roubles. It turns out, approximately 2 million a year on one deputy.